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I had been wanting to visit Adatara Kogen again after first visiting it last year (http://www.snowjapan...__fromsearch__1), at which time the skiing was great but the visibility was terrible. I hoped for clearer weather to get some nice views of, and from, Mt. Adatara, one of the "100 famous mountains" of Japan. Finally made it yesterday, and got at least part of my wish.


It was very foggy in the base area when we arrived:




But once one took the gondola up, it was a whole new prospect:




Looking back towards the direction of the base area, a huge wall of clouds loomed, like something out of a movie:



This wall of clouds persisted most of the day, blocking the view towards the Pacific, and cutting the ski area in half.

In one direction, blue skies and fluffy clouds:



But as one turned in the other direction...:



...Wall of Doom:



It certainly added a dramatic note to the scenery.


Some more pics:









The following may look inviting, but unfortunately, with the sun hitting this slope and the temperature close to freezing, off-piste was all pretty much cotton-candy, a bit of a slog to get through really, not at all like the powder-fest it was in January of last year. Even on piste it was almost spring-skiing conditions (not slushy or anything like that, but not very soft, either). Well, it is March:










Adatara Kogen has a sort of cozy, slightly old-fashioned base area that appeals to me:





Finally got a clear shot of the mountain from the base area in the afternoon:



Then we drove down into the clouds and home.


Compared to the visit last year, the skiing was not as good (though still fun!), but the weather and scenery were certainly much more spectacular.


As I observed last year, it is a small ski area, but interestingly laid out, with lots of trails carved out through the woods and good variety for its size. Anyway, it appeals to me, and we had a good time. I can definitely see keeping this place in the rotation for yearly visits.

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Looks good Metabo, some runs there that I would like.


One thing I really enjoy is how different areas/regions have their own distinct flavour. There's a certain "look" to places around here and of course the surrounding scenery. And that look is quite different to for example this place. All very interesting.

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I thought of you when I saw the blue sky -- for what seemed like the first time this season -- and you can see I was inspired to try to take a couple of Muika-style pics. (Though no substitute for the real thing.)

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Nearly didn't make it myself! Saw the highway closures before I left the house, was working on Plan B in my mind, and only learned that the highways had re-opened as I was actually getting on the highway. Had I left any earlier, the story might have been different!


Looking forward to your report on Hakkai-san. That's a place I want to visit some day. :wave:

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That was a good call! ;) Sounds as though conditions were much the same over at Hakkaisan though the visibility was the other way round - more below and less up top - much like my hair!! Have just posted a few pix - a full review will follow as soon as i've finished writing it!! :lol:

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great report dude. :)

Lots of little paths there by the looks of it. If i go solely by the pics, id assume when this place gets busy it gets hellish. :)

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Thanks, guys.



a few good looking runs there.

yeah, they do have a good variety of runs.



Big enough to have a gondola I see.

I guess it is more medium-sized than small, on reflection. I was thinking that large is Zao or Kagura.

Adatara has a kind of coziness though, with touches of dramatic scenery.

Kind of like Marunuma Kogen, I suppose, which I also like for similar reasons.



If i go solely by the pics, id assume when this place gets busy it gets hellish.

IF it gets busy. Not sure that is a frequent "problem."

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Hey hey...this is so cool. My first year in Japan back in '95 when I lived in Iwaki some students took me here and for the life of me I couldn't remember the name of the ski-jo. Your pictures jogged my memory.... so I have officially been to Adatara Kogen.. :thumbsup:

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