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New Niigata shinkansen station - 'Joetsu Myoko Station' (updated)

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Test rail run!









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Out of curiosity, how did it end up being selected? Poll had no bearing?     Am I the only one who wants to read that as "Myoko Koden"?

I regularly travelled 4 hrs just to get to yuzawa so 1 extra hour to go to Myoko area would be fine. The swing wouldn't be the shink, but the time from station to resort....which is why I rarely went

I don't think Tokyo is full of people who have lots of money to go to on extra trips just because an hour or two less travelling will be involved.

Starting operation next spring? Too bad they couldn't do it in time for ski season.

Trying to start a new operation through the winter isnt such a good idea, there are always teething problems and the snow would just make it worse.

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