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I know some people have go pros on here let's see some hiking, biking, gardening, or whatever you do in the summer reports, pics or videos.


Here's some of my stuff from biking the other day!


hitting a dirt jump run, first time through the line, stoked!



Mosley tired out after a long day chasing us down the trails




Ahh Utah



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Originally Posted By: surfarthur
Surfing for me

Nice looks like some good weather.

A biking day with my buddy Elliot:

Hopefully we will be able to make some better edits this year with some bigger stuff (once the snow melts higher) and a better camera!
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So we went biking in the desert. This is your stereotypical road runner running through the red sand cacti-infested desert. Luckily in this time of year it's pretty mellow temperature wise and the sun isn't too much to bear. Left the snow at home for the weekend and still in Utah got some great biking in.


The terrain in Green River, Utah is very similar to big mountain skiing. It is a clay-ish soil that allows your tires to grip in so you can actually bike down STEEP fresh lines. It's scary since a lot of the riding is on spines about half a meter - a meter wide with severe consequences in some areas if you fall. Other than that it makes for a fun time. Here are some pictures.




Can you see the biker?





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That (and this) were taken at Tulamben, in Bali. There are some nice shore dives there, with a wreck and a big drop off. Plenty of fish, too. SCUBA diving is easy if you are confident in open water. You don't have to be a great swimmer, all it takes is a bit of practice and breathing control.



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Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads
How far away from that desert location are you Mitch?
Nice would like to see that myself.

About a 3 1/2 hour drive. Utah and Colorado are easily the most diverse areas I have ever been to. Salt flats, lakes, forests, deserts, mountains. Worth a trip if you can ever make it out.
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