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I found this interesting, posted by SJ#1 in another thead:


In a recent JNTO questionnaire taken between July and September this year (845 respondents), when asked what was the most interesting experience during their visit, a rather large 24.1% of people said the fish market. People were allowed to choose up to 5 things.


The top 10 were:


1 Japanese food

2 Traditional buildings

3 Japanese gardens

4 Onsen

5 Shopping

6 Staying at ryokan

7 Pop culture

8 Modern Japanese stuff

9 Fish market

10 Museums


Interesting to see Japanese food at the top there and that fish market getting such attention as well.

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For me ...


As if I was asked ...


1. snow and skiing

2. cultural detail (visits to museums and such)

3. onsens

4. snow and skiing

5. food (but not natto, though I have tried it and would be OK to have more, just would not go out of my way for it)

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