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Recently my work has unfortunately become a little more office orientated and I have found myself coming in each mornign and pretty much doing exactly the same things until about 12p.m. Something like this:


turn coffee machine and radio on

turn PC on

Make coffee

Check work email

Check personal email

Read online newspaper

Check SJ Forums

Start to respond to work emails/ start work!


How about you guys? Similar routines or change day by day? I feel I am getting stuck in a bit of an office rut!!

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Radio comes on as alarm, listen to news and weather forecast, then ease out of bed, dress (sort of), ablutions, TV, breakfast, dress for work and drive 20 minutes.


Unpack lappy, switch on, make coffee, wait for lappy to awaken, log on to network, wait (im)patiently, drink coffee meanwhile.

Then, the business of the day can begin - read emails, respond, surf a bit, read more emails, respond - you get the picture!!


then go home!!!

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Wake up when I hear my mum in the kitchen.

Shout that I am hungry and jump up and down on my bed until my mum comes.

Do a wee on the potty.

Help my mum to put my clothes and a new nappy on.

Eat my breakfast and drink some milk while my mum gets ready for work.

Sit on my mum's lap and watch TV while taking my nebulizer asthma medicine.

Go downstairs to watch the bin men put the rubbish in the truck.

Wave bye-bye to the bin men.

Meet my nanna or go to school depending on the day.

Give my mum a goodbye kiss and cuddle.

Start my day's play.

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Routines are good.

Get more done if you have a routine.


I could not survive without some kinds of routines and multitasking.


In the morning first things I do is get all the kids up and getting ready for school, put the breakfast on for them, and get thier lunches sorted. Then I go back upstairs with a coffee and check my emails, ABC news - make sure my world and the world at large are as they should be. Often times check the weather so the kids leave the house with appropriate sun protection/rain gear. See kids off to school and then get on with my day - bit more rushed than that when I have to be at work too - but similar routine.


Kids are on school holidays for the next two weeks and I only have to go to work one day in that time - so I am hoping to set up a NEW routine seeing as there is no morning rush.

groovyI want to get up have a coffee and get straight into half hour weight training and half hour cardio - my back has been shite this past couple of weeks, and I have had trouble with my knee's and hands (need surgery on my left hand but putting it off) - so I am hoping a strict fitness regime might sort things a bit. I hope to top the end the day with a bit more cardio and a swim (if there is any sun!)

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Originally Posted By: snowhunter
Get Up
Go for a run
Feed the horses
Play with the dogs
Feed all the wildlife
Go to work
Open store
Have Green Tea
Sit down and relax and checkout SJ Forums
Then I do it all again in the afternoon (Except for the run!) yawn

I take it you own/work on a farm then......or do you just go round the neighbourhood feeding the local dogs and cats? wink
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