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  1. Hi Uncle Roger's head. I am 87cms tall. I think I am bigger than her. I was wondering how she carries her school bag, I don't think I could lift such a big bag. My Grandma bought me a little bag with Thomas on it.
  2. Hi Uncle JA, Thank you for asking. I'm doing fine. I don't think I am stupid. I can count up to 10 now. My mum is a little bit stupid though. She keeps trying to tell me there is a number 2 between 1 and 3.
  3. Hello snow uncles and aunts. Here I am enjoying natto-gohan with my mum. It's my favourite food in the whole world. I don't want to make you cross with me Uncle Cheeseman, but I think it is better than cheese.
  4. How about Brumm Brumm? I have a lot of Brumm-brumms. They are cool. Diggers are my favourite.
  5. Change out of your nappy and into pants before pay in case the lady asks if you are toilet trained. Do a big wee wee on the toilet before you go in. Don't go until you have done your after dinner poo-poo.
  6. Why is 42 written on the bottom of the coffee cream things in Mr Donuts?
  7. Actually I hadn't even been born. My mum has been on my computer again and she forgot to sign herself in. I have told her off.
  8. I'm a bit young to understand your problem CB. I've only ever been to nursery. I have asked my mum to type an answer for me. Here it is: At schools that do the nurses room thing, the thinking is, keeping them in the nurse's room avoids an official diagnosis of clinical depression which could jeopardise future job prospects. I don't know how they get around the fact that the CD itself is jeopardising much more than job prospects. I don't think the mobile phone number thing quite so black and white in western schools. Western teachers I know give out their mobile numbers for school
  9. I drove to Ibaragi (2hrs from Tokyo) took the ferry from there to just outside Sapporo. Took about 24 hrs. I don't have the link to hand but I think the name was Sunflower or at least sun-something ferry. The ferries going up that side of Japan are really rough in winter. Not a good option if you get travel sick. I never get travel sick but felt bad inside this one. I spend most of the night outside in the fresh air. I felt fine once I got outside but the wind and rain were freezing so take your ski gear on deck of you plan to do that! The ferry was empty so don't bother paying for a cabin.
  10. My mum says she doesn't think there is any difference between mens and ladies gloves, and that unless you want pink fluffy ones, you can buy mens.
  11. Wake up when I hear my mum in the kitchen. Shout that I am hungry and jump up and down on my bed until my mum comes. Do a wee on the potty. Help my mum to put my clothes and a new nappy on. Eat my breakfast and drink some milk while my mum gets ready for work. Sit on my mum's lap and watch TV while taking my nebulizer asthma medicine. Go downstairs to watch the bin men put the rubbish in the truck. Wave bye-bye to the bin men. Meet my nanna or go to school depending on the day. Give my mum a goodbye kiss and cuddle. Start my day's play.
  12. My mum has just shown me how to use the Internet. This is what I found on the the UK Marmite site: Quote: When German scientist, Liebig discovered that brewer's yeast cells could be concentrated, bottled and eaten, Marmite was as close to being invented as it's possible to be, without actually having being invented... It was in 1902 that the Marmite Food Company (later Marmite Ltd) was set up in Burton on Trent. Our mission, then as now, was to share the joy of Marmite-eating and make it available to all those with excellent taste. It took a while to get the machinery and manufactur
  13. My mum has lots. Ski boots, snow boots, hiking boots, boot-season boots (2), ugg boots, trainers (2), work shoes (3), nurse sandals (2) non-nurse sandals (3), posh shoes (2). Probably a few more. I have my snow boots from Uncle Indo, my wellie boots for the rain, my normal everyday shoes for outside and my train sandals for playing on the balcony.
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