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Touring the Brokers


I have now been touring the new Broker prototypes for about a month. As far as I know I am the only one consistently touring on these skis. The tours that I have done have varied from 30 minute quick accents, to full day, full on touring.




My set up

Broker carbon prototypes

Marker Duke Bindings

Skin Col Tex (they suck)

Boots Techica Diablo




This is not the lightest set-up. I prefer performance to climb ability when conditions are good enough to still get into the bigger lines.




The skis

The Broker Carbons are very light for an 110plus waist ski. So light in fact, that I only really feel the weight of the really heavy marker bindings. I quite enjoy the lightness of these skis. They are light, yet have lots of power and energy. The soft tip allows the ski to plow through soft snow with ease. The rest of the shape then takes over and drives the ski down the hill. Breakable crust is also very enjoyable, as this ski does not dive. Of course the lightness of the ski is not good in debris or super hard cruddy conditions, but that is survival skiing anyways. One thing that I have always found with rockered skis, is that you start to get into the back seat. This type of ski generally pushes you up and back. The Brocker skis ski more like a traditional ski and allows you to keep that traditional balance point. I feel this is very important, as we switch from rockered skis back to our traditional skis during the touring season, you don’t have to fight to regain your balance point.




Climbing with this fat rockered ski is much easier than climbing with other rockered skis that I have tired. Other rockers tend to have a bow shape vs. the Brocker only has the tip rockered, then light camber. This allows the skin to make maximum contact with the snow. This stops slipping and allows the skin to glide more naturally across the snow. I feel that this rocker ski is the best rockered ski for touring on the market today. I would love to have a second pair mounted with freerides!






If you have any questions about the skis please ask. Like I said I think I am the only one that has toured full time on these skis.

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 Originally Posted By: Kumapix
 Originally Posted By: OkemoLoon
who's the hot guy in the blue baseball cap?

You mean the gay guy?

No, the gay guy is the one holding the water bottle while everyone else is drinking beer.
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Sweet report, FT.


I'm fairly convinced these would make a great ski for me to fill out the quiver into 110+ range, something to look at for next season.


Ideally, I could throw some dynafits on the 188s and dukes on a pair of brockers, then quit school and actually use 'em.


Oh well, two more weeks of exams and papers.

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They are not for people like you that mainly ski sidecountry/slackcountry and have 2000 metre lines within a lazy 1 hour skin. Although there is a DIN 12 Dynafit coming out next season. And at 500 grams that is 1/4 the weight of Fritschi and Naxo for the same quality. It also gets you closer to the ski and as well has a better stride.


But they are for people like me that don't ride lifts and want to get to the top of the mountain/run without lifting cement blocks on each step. If you find youself wanting to ski biglines in areas like Kamikochi and the Tateyama then the Dynafit is for you.


Remember how back in 2003 you were thinking that the Freeride binding was not strong enough? I sold you on them then cool.gif


And Dynafit boots are just as stiff as other AT boots on the market.

TGR AT Boots Review

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 Originally Posted By: Toque
people like you that mainly ski sidecountry/slackcountry and have 2000 metre lines within a lazy 1 hour skin.

This is so me, Dukes it is. Until I stop finding sick sidecountry/slackcountry terrain anything over a 2 hour accent is not necessary. I believe I will have the same opinion until I drop about 20lbs.
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 Originally Posted By: Fattwins
Heve you ever pre released those binding toque?

Thats scary Sanno. Although when you are touring with Dynafit they are locked on there and not coming off.

I've released only once FT but that was because they were on like 6 DIN. I've since upped that to 9 although maybe I'll just max them at 10 next year.
I think the only way you would pre-release on them is if you don't get the toe points all the way into the holes.

Sorry I hijacked this thread.
I'm thinking of BROS for next season. How much are they going for FT?
Maybe a Brocker of just a 178 stiff
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