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there's a new album???? I'm only working on ideas at the moment..... album is still a ways away at this point. Once I have time to get back to the ideas I might send you a couple of works-in-progress if you're interested.... send me your latest email addy and I'll send you my new years audio cards I made.


Your hawaii trip sounds good by the way... \:\)

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Im glad you said something Muika. I am getting sick of Kagura, I had a lot of fun there but I want more options. You got any recomendations? I just won a ticket to Okatone you been there? seems small. I would also like to hit Myoko this season as well.

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Maiko is 15 minutes bus from Echigo Yuzawa.

Fantastic views up there I really like it.


Ishiuchi Maruyama is 10-15 minutes from Echigo Yuzawa.


Naeba is a bit further on than Kagura.


Check my reports and videos/pics




and on




There's loads. Kandatsu is worth a visit. Gala Yuzawa. Joetsu Kokusai. They may not be what you are looking for (I don't know what that is!) but they are all worth a look in at some point. Certainly if you want backcountry and hiking then Kagura is the place I suppose.



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Thanks, I will have a check. I have been reading your reports but my grasp on the geography is a little weak. Of the ones you mention, I have been to Naeba before and didn't like it so much - and surely it will be pretty crowded this weekend? Anyway, will have a think.


I think we've lost sight of the point of this thread - hating on Samurai for being so lucky! ;\)

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Here is the Yuzawa




Here is Kagura/Naeba (this area is just to the south of Yuzawa town area --- Route 17 at the bottom left of the Yuzawa map [1G] continues in the top right [5A] of this one):




I believe they are the same scale.



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Thanks for the maps. Clearly most of the resorts you mention are no further from the station than Kagura really.


Just because I am slightly lost for what to do it's almost tempting to go to Iwappara and say hello to the peak in your Maiko report. But I have no terrain map and on the Iwappara course map from the resort webpage it almost looks like it is directly above some of the resort runs, which is not exactly encouraging from a safety perspective.

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First of all, thanks for the advice. Today rocked. New snow, sunshine, barely below freezing temps, no wind... just moving snow.


The Ohayo shot...



The Valley... (it is very rare that we can see it.)



Some OB... (this place is always wind-loaded waiting to rip.)




The Illegal Stuff... it got ridden by someone today. Not me. I'm quite sure Zao would ban me for skiing that on the busiest, sunniest, most avy-prone day of the year. Ironically, while on the oposite side of the mountain, I saw a life-flight chopper hovering above this peak and bowl. I don't know why. But I'm really curious.



Can you see my diving-board?...



Entering Tarzan's Lair...






Today rocked. And working tomorrow will be easy.

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