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UK's lost generation. Violent anti-social teenagers

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From the Telegraph:


In a stark warning about the extent of the "broken society", it says a toxic combination of family breakdown and school failure is creating a violent and anti-social youth culture.



• every year an estimated 70,000 school-aged offenders enter the youth justice system;


• 18- to 20-year-olds constitute 42 per cent of all first-time offenders;


• three quarters of male offenders between 18 and 21 re-offend within two years;


• the most likely person to have a knife is a boy of 14-19.


• four out of 10 muggings are committed by under-16s.


• the total of young offenders in custody has been above 2,500 every month since April 2000 and 1,504 of those in custody now are 16 or younger.





What is happening to this society?

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Although I wouldn't say that every day is like living in a nightmare, after working in a high school back home I can agree with those statistics. kids today are really messed up back home. In my time at that school we had to deal with the city's youngest heroin addict (age 13) who was thought to be prostituting herself to get her smack, a 16yr old boy who was in court for attempted murder and aggravated assault. Often dealing with weapon weilding gangs from other schools who were having an after school beef with our mob, a 15yr old peddalling dope amongst many other pre-16 yr old and the various scrapes that they were getting into with the Police, setting fires, drinking, vandalism, shoplifting etc


The contrast with kids here is startling

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I think it's a global problem but it might be manifesting itself greater in the UK.

My in-laws live in what they call 'the country'. I cant believe the security measure they have to take around their property.

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Wasn't anywhere near to Glasgow, but the situation would be just as worse but on a larger scale, I was in Dundee. Its a pretty small city but has pockets of some of the least affluent areas in Britain, relatively speaking.

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hahaha, there are no blushes where thats concerned, Dundee has never tried to pretend its anything but what it is. Its actually a nice place, its just that I worked in one of the biggest schools thats catchment area happens to traverse 3 of the worst places in the city.

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My mum makes a good one. I like it.


While a far cry from what is happening in the UK, I see a change in the youngsters of Japan in the last 10 years or so. Unfortunately I can see the trend starting...

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A-Z of UK


M is for moaning gits, I think.




A is for abusive (behaviour), adultery and asylum seekers.


B is for baron, birth parent, brutality and burglary.


C is for cannabis, chieftain, civil disobedience, clamp (as in wheel), cocaine, colonise, corrupt and Crusades (wars fought to spread Christianity).


D is for degrading (treatment), deport, detained by the police, disability and dump (as in fly-tipping).


E is for ecstasy (makes users feel they have lots of energy), ethnic minority, executed and exploitation.


F is for famine, firearm and forced labour.


G is for gambling, grant (money paid by an authority) and guerilla war.


H is for hard drugs, heroin, Holy Land (see also Crusade) and humiliated.


I is for immigration, inappropriate touching, indecent remarks, inhuman behaviour, insulting words and Islamic mortgage.


J is is for judge, judiciary and jury.



L is for labour (as in Vote Labour), legal aid and legitimate children (whose parents are married to each other).



M is for maternity leave, mental illness, migrate, missionary (as in Godbotherer, not position) and molestation (sexual attack on someone, often a child).


N is for nationalised (as in Northern Rock), naturalised citizen (as in Captain Hook), nobility and not-for-profit (see nationalised).



O is for obstructive (behaviour), occupy a country (as in Iraq or Northern Ireland), offensive (behaviour) and off-licence.


P is for paternity leave, persecuted, plague, pluralistic society, pogroms and proportional representation.


R is for racial, racially-motivated crime, racism, rape, recycle rubbish and referendum (except in the event of a new European treaty).


S is for scratch card, serious misconduct, slavery (see forced labour); and strike, to go on.


T is for terrorism, therapist (psychology), torture, tow away a car (see also clamp) and treaty (see referendum).


U is for unemployed.


V is is for victim and vulnerable people.


W is for welfare benefits.


Y is for Yellow Pages

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