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TR: Bushpig & Creekboy in Shikoku (trail of destruction)

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OK, so you may have already seent the prelude to CB and my trip over here. If so, you'll know we started out charging, and that really set the scene for the main event: Shikoku.


We set out from Hiroshima early Monday morning and drove out along the Shimanami Highway which goes from Onomichi to Imabari, connecting Honshu and Shikoku. Beautiful drive. We then drove through the middle of the Shikoku mountains, again beautiful, and then hit the Pacific Ocean down in Kochi. Another couple of hours along the coast and we finally arrived at Oki Beach, down on the Ashizuri Peninsular. By this time, between the two of us (and care of some dodgy food along the way) my car was in desperate need of a steam clean and airing out. It may even have beat Muikabochi's funkified car!


We spent the next three days on the beach battling the sun, salt, hornets (which attacked the shit outta cb! lol.gif ), humid nights, hordes of mosquittos, and general patheticness. The general bad atmosphere and conditions we were forced to endure, gave us plenty of reason for the customary Japanese "Hanseikais". (For those who don't know, Japanese love to have these after sporting events or any other undertaking. It is literally a "Reflection Meeting" where they hansei everything that went wrong. And 99% of the time it onvolves beer \:D ) So naturally, everyday we made sure to find something to complain about or judge that we could have done better \:D


It was bloody hot on the beach, adn I would not recommend sleeping in a tent on the beach in that heat! The second night I ended up outside from about 1am. I told CB that it was cos the tent was too hot, but in actual fact, CB's arse was emmitting such a putrid gas, that I was getting sick of the smell of my own singed nostril hairs!


The last day of our trip, we did a day of white water rafting on the Yoshino river, which was Awesome! I'll post those pics later. But for now, enough talking. I'll let the pics explain...



The Pacific Ocean



The waves were huge! (another reason for hansei) Here is CB thrashing a monster!



Me doing the same!



A few more reasons for hansei...




Nice little shorey.



Hold the comments for a few minutes. More pics coming...

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Oki Beach



CB and me enjoying a well-deserved Ebisu over a hansei



One day we drove up the Shimanto River. Amazing views all the way up. We stopped and had a swim.


My superman impression



CB's pray-to-Mecca pose



Our hansei-worthy campsite



more coming...

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Oki Beach Sunrise





The water temp was so nice we stayed in for ages. Beautifully clear too.





And here is one more glassy reason for a hansei \:\)



OK, that's all for now, but the rafting pics are still to come. Ger came and met up with us for a cameo appearance there. Watch this space...

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Yeah that coastline is pretty sweet spook. The waves were small though. But we mostly bodysurfed. Was a crap week really, and I think we need to Hansei some more when I'm up in Kyoto in a few weeks CB...

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Alright, on Friday Ger drove out from his little island and met up with us for a day of rafting on the Yoshino River. An amazingly beautiful place, with some sweet rapids to hit. Thanks FT for the heads up and putting us in touch with Happy Raft. The two guides were great. A lot of fun and did an awesome job. Anyway, here are just a few of the many pics we got.




Ger and CB doing some floating




Hitting some rapids




More jumping (me)





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Ger, CB and me scoffing lunch



CB in Hansei pose...



River surfing (me getting 10 gallons off water force-fed through the nose at the front!)



Ger getting the same treatment lol.gif



More fun





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yeah there were a few. That last one that I tried to hold while we got completely dunked under isn't all that great. Some of the ones the guide took turned out a little clearer.

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um, not quite.


The dude in the kayak who was guiding us looked like he was having a ball, but it was tough work on a lot of those sections. Definitely need to train and work up to those.

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