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Found 25 results

  1. Accommodation Information on Iwakura Resort Hotel in Katashina, Gunma can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/gunma/katashina/iwakura-resort-hotel
  2. Accommodation Information on Tenjin Lodge Minakami in Minakami, Gunma can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/gunma/minakami/tenjin-lodge-minakami
  3. Accommodation Information on Hoshi Onsen Chojukan in Minakami, Gunma can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/gunma/minakami/hoshi-onsen-chojukan
  4. Accommodation Information on Chalet la neige in Minakami, Gunma can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/gunma/minakami/chalet-la-neige
  5. Resort Spotlight The Resort Spotlight for the White World Oze Iwakura resort in Katashina, Gunma Prefecture can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/white-world-oze-iwakura
  6. Hello all snow Japaners, it is great to see the forums firing up again in anticipation of the coming season. I have moved to Tokyo from Niigata (where I got into skiing) and I am looking to maintain the habit while living in Tokyo. At the first sign of cooler weather, I started clicking around the numerous sites offering bus/train package deals from Tokyo. I found one deal, 初すべり 11月限定日出発 (first ski, November departure) with tickets to Marunuma Kogen in Gunma, starting on November 22nd. What is the chance of the resort even being open at that time, even partially? Are they using artificia
  7. Looking for budget accommodation near White World Oze. Looks like not much up there, other than the pricey resort hotel.... Has anyone stayed at or know of any cheap pensions nearby?
  8. I have had my eye on today since earlier this week as it was always looking like it would clear up and be fab weather. The question was.... where to go. I found myself on the Kanetsu this morning going over to Minakami and the fantastically awesomely beautiful surroundings of Tanigawa, along with the always annoying ski-jo that is Tanigawadake Tenjindaira. I'll put the rant in spoilers, as lots of it is similar to last year. And the year before. But it needs to be said! So, fantastic blue skies this morning. Lots of 'ants' walking up the mountain. Yes, it's just beautiful up there
  9. Having spent the last 10+ years riding your typical big/popular resorts in Nagano/Niigata/Hokkaido, this season I fancied a change... Pre-season I'd spent a good long while looking at Google Earth, and topographical maps searching for the kind of resort I like... Something a long the lines of Hakuba Cortina. For any of you that have ridden at Cortina, you'll know that the whole resort centers around a large bowl with everything (pretty much) funneling down to one run in the middle. No traverse ins/outs. Steep. Trees. Perfect.... Only problem is that over the last 3years, Cortina has beco
  10. Got up early this morning and was out by 6:30am, destination White World Oze Iwakura in Katashina, Gunma. Got on the always-popular Kanetsu Expressway at Shiozawa Ishiuchi and got off at Numata IC. Negotiated the rather busy Route 120 in Numata area, then was interested to see the new tunnel connecting Numata with the Katashina area. It really does cut a chunk off the journey which is nice to see. Photos at the bottom here. My house to White World was just under 90 minutes. White World is an interesting place. I agree with lots of what Gunma Boarder said in his review here: ht
  11. We headed off on Friday night for a weekend at Kusatsu, or more accurately two nights at Kusatsu with one days skiing at Kusatsu and one day at Kagura. The trip up got off to a slow start due to an accident on the expressway, and we weren't even on the Kan-etsu. Eventually we got out of Tokyo and after a smooth run up the Kan-etsu made it to Kusatsu. One again was a bit disappointed with the amount of snow on the drive in. Although there were large piles of snow around from the big dumps recently it was pretty obvious that no new snow had fallen since. The weather reports were forecasting
  12. White World Oze Iwakura, what a place! I have lived in Gunma for 5 winters now and this is the first time I have gone to this wonderful ski resort. I can't believe I didn't go earlier! In the town of Katashina between Mt. Hotaka and Oze National Park lies a hidden gem off the international radar. The ski resort encompasses a fairly large area but has only 16 courses leaving a lot of area open for people who want to venture into the trees. I have written a review of Iwakura on the main site for all types of riders so in this report I will be focusing on the ridding I did over my last two trips.
  13. Won a ticket to White World (thank you SJ!) and am thinking to go this weekend with NECK as the forecast is for more snow there than Hakuba!? My question is.... Do they open the resort on big snow days? Do lifts eventually open if they have to spend time clearing, or is the day a write off? Did they open this last weekend with the big snow? I live 2hrs away, so it would suck fairly hard if we got there and it was a no go.... Thanks for any info!
  14. I had no intention of climbing a mountain when I set off for Kawaba on the beautiful midweek national holiday we had last Tuesday. In my mind I imagined myself maybe snowshoeing up from the top of the quad lift to get a nice fresh line but that was about it. Things changed when I came to the ticket counter to buy my six pack of one lift tickets. The girl at the desk noticed the snowshoes on my back and said “ハイキングするつもりですね。そこに行ってハイキングの申込書を書いてください。 (Your going hiking aren’t you. Please go over there and fill out the form for hiking). Having been to Kawaba countless times with snowshoes and
  15. I did a little snowshoeing at Kawaba today. Really amazing weather. The snow was also pretty good. My best day of riding so far! Mt. Fuji at about 6X I hiked a mini mountain to get some views you can't see from the resort. I put my snowshoes on under this beautiful tree. A couple of shots from my hike up. Mt. Naeba is in the background and Tanigawa is closer but I was really enjoying the ridge on the right. The next few are some close-ups. Those three were close-ups of ridge line. Here is a close-up of Mt. Naeba. Not quite the same as from Kaguraga
  16. Beautiful weather from early on this morning both here in Minamiuonuma and also over in Gunma. So I was off to one of my favourite skijos for photos - Tanigawa Tenjindaira in Minakami, Gunma. About 50 minutes drive from where I live. Beautiful clear blue skies. Got on the Gondola at 6am and arrived at the top at 9am. Just kidding. Took some knitting to amuse myself on the ride up. Had a bit of a panic when I was trying to get a shot just beyond a rope. Bending down and my camera bag was open. 2 lens roll out of bag and one of them starts going down a rather steep area. I tho
  17. I visited Manza Onsen on Saturday 16 Feb. I decided to go for a number of reasons, it's close to Kusatsu where I was staying, a couple of people mentioned it when I did a trip report last year for Kusatsu and the PDF on Manzas English web site mentions an area only open on Saturdays and holidays, which sounded good for some untouched snow. The drive from Kusatsu takes about an hour, unfortunately in winter the only access is via a toll road, at 1020 yen each way it makes the day a bit expensive. The weather was, well shit, snowing heavily with limited visibility and very cold. The cold
  18. Marunuma Kogen I won a lift ticket last year for White World Ose Iwakura. But I had already written a resort review a few years ago and did not feel that it needed to be updated. Instead, I offer this review of Marunuma Kogen, which boasts of Gunma-ken “super fine snow.” Executive Summary Marunuma Kogen is a medium size resort in Gunma prefecture, perhaps one of the more popular ones. It has a bit of something for everyone, including a terrain park, mogul bahn, and a kids play park, the only thing lacking may be some more advanced terrain. There is even an onsen (hot springs) at th
  19. Plans to go to Zao for a few days fell through, so we decided to make today an excite Gunma day. As Tanigawa is very popular with climbers and autumn colour seekers, we decided to get up really early and get there before the mad crowds arrived. Even getting there at 7:00am, we had to queue for about 15 minutes to get on the Gondola (which actually seemed to be going a bit faster than in winter, thankfully!) We did ok with weather though it wasn't quite as "sunny all day" as the forecast told us. But the sun came out and there were some nice blue skies on and off up there - though som
  20. Last weekend we made it into a 4 day weekend and headed to Kustatsu to escape the heat. Once you leave the highway there are electronic signs giving the current temperature, it was so nice to see figures starting with a 1. After a day at Toy World for the kids we went halfway up the mountain, (the top was clouded over) and I walked down following the main ski run. The next day we drove to the top, and joined hundreds of others in walking 20 minutes to see the lake that is the source of the onsen water for the town. Below are a few photos. I tried where possible to take the same shot I
  21. Yesterday my photo assistant ( she is very useful to hold and carry the box ) and I went over into Gunma for a bit of a drive. The idea was to go up to Mt Akagi so off we went. Nice clear skies on either side of the Kanetsu tunnel but once into Gunma proper it was rather hazy. Gunma always seems to be hazy when we go, perhaps just not the best of timing. Anyway it didn't turn out to spoil the day at all. Akagi is to the north east of Maebashi city and basically between Maebashi and Numata. We got off the expressway at the Akagi IC and made our way towards the road that goes up the
  22. This trip was compliments of Snow Japan for providing two free lift tickets that I won during the giveaways! Thank you! Well when I left my house it was sunny, and by the time I passed by Matsumoto it had already clouded over and as I got closer to Gunma started seeing some snow flurries. By the time we arrived at Kusatsu around 9:15am it was snowing a little more steadily, but nothing was settling. Anyway the resort it's self is small really, but has a big feel because of the very long 8.5 klm course. As well as the long run there is also a short quite steep advanced kobu kobu cours
  23. Seems like an age ago now but sometime in February. Beautiful day, Slowest Gondola In the World ©, small resort but big views. Worth going once just for the feast for the eyes. My rubbish pics don't do the place justics. I think I would like to go in summer too.
  24. Last Saturday I took advantage of winning the Oze White World Comp on Snow Japan and headed up to Gunma for the day. Gunma from where I live in Kanagawa, is only about 3 and a half to 4hrs MAX away, so I was confident of getting there for first lifts. The weather report was favourable after the warm and rain event that the snow zone had had earlier in the week, with a small but decent amount of snow forecast to fall. Knowing how bad Tokyo traffic could be, even at silly o'clock in the morning, we left Shonan at the pre-dawn time of 4.30am. Although I have been up to Gunma and Yuzawa many times
  25. Friday 6th January 2012 until Thursday 12th January 2012 The prizes: 10 one-day lift ticket vouchers - each one can be exchanged for a one-day lift ticket at the White World Oze Iwakura resort in Gunma Prefecture this season. Who can enter? Any active, logged in members of SnowJapanForums can enter this Giveaway. (You need to have made at least a few posts on the Forums, and join in - not just simply register). >> If you are logged in, click here to enter. >> If you need to register, please do so here. The winners: 10 people will be chosen - each to receive 1 vo
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