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  1. If I went 'unprotected', I'd get 500+ a day.
  2. Well Resident Evil is the best zombie game, isn't it?
  3. I do as well. It is in some ways holding things back. As for the job, well it is hard you know!
  4. I come from a design background. Mostly character design. At the moment I'm working on some zombies.
  5. I remember that Bowie video scaring me when it first came out. All that pink weird stuff going on.
  6. Quote: What games have you been involved in? I used to work for Sega and have been involved in some Sonic-related work in the past. Now I am working for Capcom on a forthcoming big title.
  7. Quote: That's totally weird! Why anyone would roll back two whole versions has me wondering. Got you wondering what exactly? Anyhows I was using I wasn't aware of the .0.0.6, so to me that is a nice rounded '2'. Is that 2 whole versions back? Game designer I may be but believe it or not I'm not a full on geek/nerd and I'm one of those people who doesn't really notice much difference in browsers and doesn't really care! Quote: Still, If the V3 didn't work, what did you do to it? I installed it and it caused numerous problems. I'm not patient with stuff l
  8. No need to help there JA, thanks. I'm a programmer (I make video games) so I'm pretty handy with computers. I rolled back to 2.
  9. Any other game makers on here by the way?
  10. Wii is a strange thing. So behind in terms of power, but selling so much. But I think you will find people quickly becoming fed up with it. It'll be interesting to see how that pans out. I have all 3, actually I'm developing a game for the PS3 right now and easily my favorite of the three. Shame about the relatively poor start it has had.
  11. Oh yes. Stories of old. Get 4GB rather than 3GB. Not much difference in price anyway.
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