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  1. For Liverpool a quickish, but not too quick as Carroll will be left floundering, wide player would be nice : Mata, Nasri, Nzogbia perhaps.
  2. Really happy to see another central midfielder on Liverpool's books. I can only assume that we're trying to corner the market. Hope we don't run afoul of the Monopolies Commission.
  3. No trial, just a summary execution. Doesn't this run against the principles of democracy?
  4. Assimilation ........As a white Australian living in Japan I'm not sure how I should set about that. I read and speak the language but I don't think I'll ever be completely assimilated nor do I think I want to be. I have the greatest respect for anybody in Australia or elsewhere who is willing to completely assimilate as it means giving up a part of your cultural heritage.
  5. Originally Posted By: 2pints,mate Does this mean he'll be sitting with Jamie Rednapp?
  6. Cheer up. So far, we're told it's only Iodine 131 with a half life of 8 days. Stick to beer and crisps for the next 40 odd days just to be sure.
  7. Now all residents within a 10km radius of the Fukushima nuclear power plant being asked to evacuate.
  8. News of the sale is up on the Liverpool website. It's the Red Socks crew. Hope they'll be better than the last baseball team owners.....
  9. Concrete Jungle is by far my favorite - a combination of the bassline and lyrics
  10. Have two dachshunds that are purebred but thankfully without any obvious mutations. It is not unusual to see purebred dogs particularly border collies, german shepherds and dachshunds with deformed hind legs that prevent them from running or walking properly. Also have seen a few dogs with one clear blue eye and one brown one which seemed a bit strange. There has been an explosion of dog ownership over the last few years in Japan but with a very limited number of potential breeding pairs some breeders would go the mother/son and father/daughter route simply to keep up with demand.
  11. I can't see any reason why the state should be able to restrict people from harming themselves : which is what drug abuse whether it be alcohol, crack, heroin or solvent, essentially is. If people commit crimes to support or as a result of their drug use then that is a criminal issue. However the drug use itself shouldn't be a crime. Decriminalization seems to me to be a half arsed response. It satisfies libertarian principles but it doesn't allow the state to tax the sale of drugs. Why not tax drug use and use the proceeds for education and treatment?
  12. Have always liked Keane and think he would fit in well with Torres: but Benitez, control freak that he seems to be, clearly thinks otherwise.
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