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  1. I have a SJ sticker on the back of my jacket right in the middle, on my ski poles and on my ski's. You can't miss me when I am there. If you do I always have my last run at Hanazono so I can fill up on HOT WINE!!!! Oh yeah I also have them on my luggage.
  2. Just take a wad of cash with you. I THINK Seciomart put in an ATM last year??? But seriously just take the cash with you.
  3. I have been keenly watching the cams in Niseko and Furano and both ski fields look dead. I would have thought over the Christmas and New Year it would have been much busier than it looks
  4. Well the last day of 2011 is slightly cloudy with intermittent showers. I think it is fitting weather to say goodbye to 2011 which hasn't been the greatest of years.
  5. Get one of the Furano Hosts - I skied with one this year and she was great. She took me all over the mountain and pointed out some things of interest , where the local onsens are and recommended some places to eatand drink in town. She was great.
  6. Reported by AFP Friday, December 30, 2011 A Japanese department store is offering anyone with a quarter of a million dollars a lucky dip bag stuffed with expensive jewellery to ring in the New Year. One lucky customer prepared to hand over a numerically significant 20.12 million yen ($255,000) can celebrate the turn of the year with a fistful of precious baubles. The "fukubukuro" (lucky bag) — a feature of the New Year in Japan, one of the country's most important holidays — will go on sale on January 2. Customers generally do not know the exact contents of fukubukuro, but they a
  7. With everything that has happened in Japan this year and with the GFC. I would like to know how the crowds are this season at the resorts . Are they UP - DOWN OR about the same as last year??
  8. Can't wait to watch it. Mr Snowhunter got it for Christmas from SANTA!!!!!!!!!
  9. MERRY CHRISTMAS - Hope you all have a very safe happy Day. Eat and Drink Heaps and be MERRY!!!! Enjoy the snow while we bake over here in Australia.
  10. Will have a Cho-yummy report coming up with Christmas Dinner at my nieces who is doing a FULL CAKE TABLE including Red Velvet Cakes, Cupcakes, Brioche and macaroons.
  11. Just read my Furano and Niseko Reports LOVE IT. I read them each day then compare snow depths etc with last year. Reports this year seem a little more personable and really make you feel that the SJ report is sitting outside and bringing the resort to you. Even more super psyched about my trip with such good snow falls so far. I see that you are expecting BIG DUMPS in Niseko on Friday/Saturday . That is a nice Christmas Present for everyone from Santa !
  12. Mmmm my resolution next year is to eat out more we tend to go into Kutchan and stock up on goodies from the supermarket and come home and try the different things out.
  13. Fish Burger at the top Cafe at Furano Buckwheat Noodles and Tempura Vegetables Annupuri Chicken Curry Kamui Links HOT WINE Hanazono
  14. What the HELL is that rant about?? Seriously there are a couple of people out there that need to take a GIANT CHILL PILL!! Is that for real or I am having a blond moment and this is a sarcastic rant???
  15. Hi Akitapow welcome to the forums. Are you trying to fill in the form for the stickers?? If so - One of the security questions is actually a quiz DON'T just type in the the letter type in the answer to the quiz.
  16. OOOohhhh THANK YOU but let's keep that a secret because Mr Snowhunter is busting in sweetness to me trying to get one cause I told him there wasn't enough to share with him!!
  17. AUSTRALIA has SNOW JAPAN STICKERS - WAHOOOO !!!!! Already have 2 flyers up in the shop!!!!! Pictures to come later!! I LOVE THEM THANKS SJ
  18. Haven't had any issues with fogging or scratches YET!! I have had them for 2 years. Mr Snowhunter looked through them on a white out day to compare them with his. He now also has Smith IO and loves them too. They are great to look through, light and changing lens is super easy and you have some many choices for lenses.
  19. Thanks SJ I wont let you down. The stickers will be everywhere and so will the flyers !!!!
  20. Just filled the form out again and the other one I sent was on the 8th October. I'm feeling LUCKY!!!!!
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