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  1. Has anyone tried these?? Seen a few people using them on the slopes and in the parks! Very Interesting. Instant trip to the hospital or more freedom. “Dual Snowboards” is the latest gadget created to hit the slopes this winter. Replacing your snowboard by two mini-snowboards, one for each foot, like the improbable meeting between mini-ski and snowboarding. The “Dual Snowboards”
  2. How many of those climbers would be able to climb Everest without the Sherpa's going a head doing all the hard work, carrying all their shit up for them, carrying up the oxygen bottles. I had no idea until I watch the doco Everest - Beyond the Limit. The Sherpa's do all the work and sometimes will go up 3 or 4 times. I understand they get paid well compared Neapalese wages but when you hear that Western Guides get paid triple yet don't do half the work and half the risk of the sherpa's really is that fair???? I THINK NOT
  3. Chriselle I am so sorry to hear about your dog. He may have ruptured a disc in his back which could ,be putting pressure on his spinal cord. This can occur from a dog sharp turning jolting stop or leaping up for a ball. It is very common in smaller dogs like pugs & french bulldogs. It can be fixed and after long post operative care they can make a full recovery. WELL WORTH the operation. Tick symptoms similar but very different (if that makes sense). Yes paralysis does present but also quite often there is coughing as if the dog has something stuck in the throat as the throat also
  4. GOOD MORNING Snowhuntress Is Back Hello to all my Snowjapan Family it has been a long long time !!!!!!
  5. Snowhuntress Is Back Hello to all my Snowjapan Family it has been a long long time !!!!!!
  6. hello All - It has been awhile It is with great great depression that I will be missing my Japow fix next season. For the first time in 8 years we wont be heading over to Japan for winter . I have been to depressed to even look at the forums or post but I guess slowly I am coming to terms with it!!
  7. I must say I have noticed alot of people ducking ropes and skiing in out of bounds areas this year. Definately more than last year. On Friday I saw the ski patrol chasing some out of bounders and taking their passes off them!!
  8. WOW I have been having a totally awesome time - I have totally challenged myself several times. Got off the beginners run and actually did a BLACK RUN!!!!! WAHOO I am so so proud of myself. Sorry no pictures yet. I was having a hard enough time staying up right little lone take some pictures. The conditions have been absolutely perfect we have had awesome snow up until yesterday when we were graced with 2 bluebird days and nice temperatures. DID I MENTION - I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!!!
  9. WE HAVE ARRIVED - WE HAVE SKIED - What a totally awesome day. It was a little windy and a tad cold for someone arriving from a 30o summer days but the beautiful snow covered runs made me soon forget the cold. There was light snow falling ALL DAY and it was easy to find some untrack areas. I would like to be able to report that there were no falls BUT alas a day out skiing for me with out a fall means that I haven't challenged myself and today I mst have really challenged myself because I had plenty falls The wind started getting up late in the afternoon and is really blowing out ther
  10. LOOK OUT - We are on our way. Leaving tomorrow!!!!! See you all SOON!
  11. Mike for Kutchan Cho Minister of Tourism Simply breathtaking photo's
  12. Awesome thanks heaps. You have been very very helpful. 5 days and counting
  13. Can anyone help me out with this. I have used the SJ Route finder and printed out the map. We are driving from Chitose to Furano and it suggests the DO-TO Expressway. Is this a finished expressway now that can be travelled in winter??
  14. Everyone who is venturing off piste should read this report. And that is why I stay on the groomers
  15. Mmmm hope they get some more snow before we get there. Not a glowing report. I still like Furano though I seem to be able to find enough runs and things to do. We also are venturing to Tomamu and Asahidake this year. We always end our trip with a week or two in Niseko for the off piste skiers of our group. And if the skiing is crap (VERY UNLIKELY) there is always shopping in Asahikawa
  16. Cool yep I will in Niseko from the 21st till the 3rd. Hitting Furano first for a couple of weeks.
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