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  1. It is right next door to this building 〒066-0012 Hokkaidō, Chitose-shi, Honchō, 1 Chome−7−1 スカイコート千歳 Epic trip Tubby can't wait for the photo's. If you need a lift back we will be there in February.
  2. This is a little off thread BUT can any hokkaido locals please help me out. In Chitose there is a small 50's Antique & Collectables store. Is it still open and does it open on Saturday's?? This is our first stop on our 2015 Road Trip!! My trip to Japan is not complete with out a stop there.
  3. YES thank you thank you Snow Japan. Awesome sight run by awesome people! ANOTHER HUGE HUGE THANKS - Snowjapan I won a pass to Hanazono back in 2012 and never went on to thank you so much I had the the BEST day with that ticket. Unfortunately when I returned from our trip we had major up drama's and I never got on to THANK YOU .
  4. Well now for the fun part of trip. The flight. Anyone been with Korean AIr?? What do you think?? Our normal direct flight with Qantas is gone and now it is Brisbane - Sydney - Toyko Narita - Tokyo Haneda - Chitose!!! God after all that I am tired.
  5. Rucky Inu - I love this guy he is such a crack up. I can't believe he has his own fishing show
  6. That one is an scary looking American One. Ours a really cute FROM A DISTANCE
  7. Is there anything so wrong with going back to the same place??? We had thought of going to Appi Kogen this year BUT with taking friends with us we wanted to take them somewhere we knew AND with Furano and Niseko you have other options for days that might be blown out. Also with Niseko and a beginner snowboarder coming it means we can take her with us to each resort and still keep an eye on her whilst we enjoy our skiing. It will be very exciting she has never travelled, never snowboard AND never seen snow. We loved Niseko before it became "THE PLACE TO GO" so it will always have a
  8. Thanks Muikabochi loved reading over this thread again and seeing the photo's
  9. Wow what a lucky find that vet was Chriselle! He is very thorough. Most important he follows up. That is a sign of a vet who cares. To many vets now are just out for the kaching kaching.
  10. 24th January to 15th February - Wanted to get out before Chinese New Year.
  11. For us not many options in Furano and Our First choice was already fully booked for all of February. Niseko our regular stay had tripled in price and out 2nd choice was also nearly booked out. Thanks for that Go Native. I did not know that. Revise visit Boys go to Chisenpuri Girls go Shopping . Flights aren't booked yet as most of them aren't putting up their 2015 prices yet. But we are looking at going Korean Air at this stage.
  12. I loved those photo's of those house Muika can you repost them??? I watch a you tube video the other day on the tsunami that I hadn't seen. It was a town with a large waterway through the middle, sorry I don't know where it was?? I honestly thought the town was going to be safe with how wide and deep the waterway was BUT that soon became very clear the town was in trouble. SAD!!
  13. OMG just found another critter in the garden a POSSUM!!!! Possum Pie, Kangaroo Steak and Rabbit Stew!!!!
  14. Chriselle I am sorry to hear the results. I didn't see that diagnosis coming. Believe me the pain in the wallet will go away and eventually in your heart whatever the out come, it is always important to know you did everything you could for them. Please keep us updated on Ti-kun's progress. Gozimaas I am so so sorry to hear about your dog. I am going to give all my babies an extra big hug and kiss now!
  15. YAHOO we are all booked!!! 3 weeks Furano with day trips to Asahidake & Tomamu Asahikawa - Ice Festival - Zoo - Day Trip to Kamui Links Niseko day trips to Chisenpuri - Mowia & Kiroro. Interested in any other day trips if anyone has any suggestions
  16. I Love pottering in my garden. I have a gorgeous cottage garden filled with pretty pretty flowers. Put a Veggie garden in BUT the rabbits ate it. Put in a raised vegie garden but then the Kangaroo's ate it. So we are currently putting in a raised raised vegie garden to keep everything out!!!
  17. Mmmm Cottage cheese with grated carrot, pineapple and spanish onion delish!!
  18. Joining in on this. Will start tomorrow. Havealso alerted the paramedics to stand by
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