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  1. Thanks for the notice FT. And I'm a definite as long as I can sort out accommodation!
  2. I have to pipe up to throw my geeky half's support in for Tsondaboy's Rick Hunter avatar!
  3. You're right! I looked it up on Wookieepedia! and thats not a joke, there really is a Wookieepedia. For all your nerdly Star Wars needs!
  4. Did you see the Scotch Mist webcast thingy base40? Pretty interesting. I wouldn't say that in rainbows could be better than ok computer though...
  5. Duh..(slaps forhead) thanks Markie! Good call, I'll check it out. Although it depends on my funds for that weekend...
  6. Can anyone recommend anywhere to stay up there Satdy night on such short notice? Still wanna come!
  7. serious me. apparently i look like some tool off Australian Idol, according to Domokun and kokodoko. wintery me
  8. hehe nice one ewok! But, tsonda, do you mind fur? When are we gonna see YOUR avatar Ewok?
  9. Mullets = Wrong wrong wrong. They're a tragic part of recent history that should be buried forever.
  10. haha, no I can't read chinese chars too well, but I can find the reading from them, thanks! I want to ask my HK friend back home about them. I'm wondering if you can get it in my hometown's shops.
  11. So, you go up and ask for it in English? I thought there might have been a local name.
  12. What time is the party from? arvo? I want to go, but the timing could make or break me!
  13. Bam! Another Aussie. I'm a Bogan hunter though.
  14. I miss smiths Salt and Vinegar! I'm salivating now just thinking bout em! Oh and I chuck my vote in for Indo's.
  15. Its amazing, the kinds of things people will eat once they've been fried! Hey I'll try anything twice, whats it called Thursday? Oh, I just ate a mini-Aero chocky. Damn they rock!
  16. I wish I got a shot of Washigatakes quadlift queue during new years. It would have put everything else to shame. or is that the opposite? the lines were huuuuuuuge!
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