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  1. I think that Lance will say (if he ever admits to anything)... I didn't take drugs...what I did was inject myself with my own blood... (blood doping). In his mind that is not cheating...
  2. I tried booking my favorite place to stay in Hakuba and it's already booked solid with Aussies...
  3. Did they finish that new road between Goryu and 47 yet? It was almost done a month ago when I was up there...
  4. Maybe if you familiarise yourself with gmail a bit you may realize that you can store all your emails on your hard drive if you like as well as keep a back up online with the gmail. My point? Nothing in particular. Just discussing various methods of email management with people on this forum.
  5. So you need to (want to) carry a laptop around all over the world? Chances are too, tht if you're looking at or reading your emails you probably want to send or reply to them...need to be connected.
  6. Always take my 2 Airedales to Hakuba.
  7. gmail. No emails on my drive = no email viruses either. If gmail ever fills up, I'll use another gmail account. Need to find an old email? Use the gmail (google) search function. Want a back up of your gmail? Set up a forwarder to a hotmail account or some other online email service. Why keep your emails on the hard drive?
  8. Thanks. I made it. I'm hungry too and it's raining and there is no way I'm getting on my bike tonight.... Gusto is not that far from me. If hunger pains set in I'll make my way down there.
  9. I'm about to ride up to Hakuba tomorrow from Tokyo. (277km) and when I get there all I will want to do is eat, bath and sleep. Not many shops near where I'm staying and depnding on what time I get in I won't have much energy to ride down to Jusco and carry a bag of supplies back home by bicycle and then have the energy to cook it. Any home delivery tel numbers? Throw them up here. Pizza, Sushi. Udon. Soba. Anything.... What time does GUSTO close? Cheers for any replies...
  10. 5 hours is a good estimate. The time lost is not on the expressway but getting onto it and then once you get off it it's close to an hour to get into hakuba. No need to go through Matsumoto...there is a shorter faster way... 4 hours if you get absolutely no problems. If you hit any peak hour traffic you'll lose an hour easily. If you draw a straight line from Narita to Hakuba I'm on it... I live about 50kms from Narita and if I went there at midnight, I could do it in an hour. If I leave my place at midnight I can get to Hakuba in 3 hours. This is the way I'd go...a
  11. What do the local Japanese (in Hakuba) call route 406 from Hakuba to Nagano. I talked to a local the other day and told him I used yon maru roku go... and he didn't know it. onegaishimasu... (could a mod move this thread to the Japan travel forum please?)
  12. I'm up in Hakuba for the weekend and want to watch the TDF Saturday or Sunday night... Any pubs clubs hotels or such with a TV on for the TDF?
  13. Well, I took my pass back to Hakuba ready to get my deposit back...and they tell me that I still have 2 unused days on it valid till the end of May... so it was a 3 day season ticket...not a 3 day consecutive ticket... bah humbug!
  14. those new type chains made of rubber with metal spikes aren't very noisy.
  15. Most of the taxis in Hakuba had chains on the last time I was up there. I'll be using studless this year but have to muck around with my (plastic/rubber chains) this season.
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