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  1. The Choca-holic ice-cream they have going now is really great. Not mad on crepes generally but the Baskin Robbins ones are thicker than most here, almost like pancakes.
  2. Same here. Usually about once a month. Friend of mine lost ALL of his photos (over 10,000 of them). He was distraught.
  3. Friday is my worst day at work - every week at least half the day is meetings and while it might not be difficult it sure is tedious. Once it's over though it's Friday night, so that's some consolation!
  4. Nagoya. But have spent time living in Chiba and Kobe.
  5. I bought the Wii and got the PS3 as a present. Seriously, there's a drought of titles on both but the PS3 has hardly been switched on. The online stuff is almost nothing as well. There is just no reason to buy the thing right now - perhaps the fact that they sell 10,000+ a week is the surprise.
  6. I went to SSAWS in it's last week - a few days actually. I was based in Chiba then and it was fairly close to where I lived. Amazing building, it was incredible watching the thing come down as well. I missed it.
  7. I climbed it last summer. Glad I did, though just the once is enough! Would love to take the snowboard up there like you did Rag-Doll - nice read that
  8. I wasn't in Japan this winter apart from a couple of weeks so didn't get a chance to snowboard at all. I'm looking forward to the snow next winter, hope to get out a lot.
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