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  1. Ok time to bring this thread back to life... Went to my local onsen tonight, hadn't been for a couple of weeks or so, so was time to go again, and how nice it was, nice and cold outside, and for a change clear stary sky, and just sitting outside in the hot bath with low temps that being around 8oC at the moment felt like having an onsen in late autumn.
  2. Fking cold for the time of year. Need a winter shirt and winter fleece on outside today sitting down waiting for our daughters sports day to start. Even had the heater on in the house last night for a while and in the car this morning. More like Tokyo in Nov/Dec here the last few days.
  3. If it is the Sony Experia Ultra tjen yeah its the same as mine.
  4. I think it depends on the shop, i got a digital photo frame when I bought my phone it is water proof has one and full seg TV and you can also watch movies on it. The catch need to pay 4 yen a month for 2 years for the internet connection. Then can cancel it but can keep the frame. So for less than 100 yen for 2 years I thought why not.
  5. I see Nobeyama just up the road from us went down to 0.2oC and my friend said Kiyosato got down to -1oC last night and it is only just past mid September! With a freezing level of around 3200-3500m it should not be this cold, wait till the freezing level drops right down, it is going to be fun and games then. Expect a really cold winter for the central mountain areas of Japan, colder than normal for eastern Japan, colder than normal for Hokkaido and well actually colder than normal for many parts of Japan.
  6. Very strange with the cloud, like last night this morning is the same like the cloud has not moved. You can see that literally just to the N and W of us the it is clear over Nagano prefecture and cloud free, but over us it is mostly cloudy, and looks like it may clear up any minute, but does not move.
  7. Got down to 5.7 here, and a bright morning with quite a bit of cloud around, could go either way sunny or cloudy? A nice cold crisp start, well cold for just past mid September
  8. Cold here all day today and cold tonight, could see temps getting down to as low as 5 - 7 here if the sky clears.
  9. Anyway I have to go out, some of us have a life in the real world. CNo time to argue this with you anymore today, but I needed to set you right, beforw you brainwash others into believing the same rubbish as you do.
  10. They are basesing that on a 1951-1980 anomaly, it is written there on the gop of that chart, a known colder 30 years, before a brief warming until around the turn of the century. How about they include say a 100,000 year anomaly, it will be a very very differdnt picture. I would not believe that chart at all, they even have parts on there showing much warmer than the reality. OMG they have brain washed you as well.
  11. Antarctic Sea Ice Extent – Yet another all-time record!!! record. “Amazing,” says sunshine hours website. “Day 256 has broken the day 255 all-time record by 110,000 sq km. And the daily record from 2013 was broken by 230,000 sq km.” “History making.” Antarctic_sea_ice_extent_14Sep2014 This comes on top of yesterday “breaking the record set in 2013 by 48,000 sq km.” http://sunshinehours.wordpress.com/2014/09/14/antarctic-sea-ice-extent-sep-14-2014-amazing-another-all-time-record/ http://sunshinehours.wordpress.com/2014/09/13/antarctic-sea-ice-extent-sept-13-2014-new-all-time-record
  12. Record Antarctic sea ice more than twice the size of the contiguous United States There has been a 1.5 per cent increase in sea ice each decade since records began in 1979. Antarctic sea ice - British Antarctic Survey Antarctica – An area more than twice as big as the contiguous United States now covered by sea ice. (British Antarctic Survey) Scientists say the extent of Antarctic sea ice cover now stands at its highest level since records began, says ABC news in Australia Satellite imagery reveals an area of about 7.6 million sq miles (20 million sq km) covered by sea ice around the A
  13. Record expansion of Antarctic sea ice confounds climate scientists More hazardous than usual for shipping in the Southern Ocean. “ANTARCTIC sea ice has expan­ded to its greatest coverage since records began in 1978,” says this article on theaustralian.com. (This is) continuing to confound climate scien­tists and proving even more hazardous than usual for shipping in the Southern Ocean. Perhaps that they might not be so confounded if they bothered to include the known ice-age cycles in their calculations. This article requires a subscription: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affair
  14. Press Release from the University of Texas Researchers Find Major West Antarctic Glacier Melting from Geothermal Sources June 10, 2014 – AUSTIN, Texas — Thwaites Glacier, the large, rapidly changing outlet of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, is not only being eroded by the ocean, it’s being melted from below by geothermal heat, researchers at the Institute for Geophysics at The University of Texas at Austin (UTIG) report in the current edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The findings significantly change the understanding of conditions beneath the West Antarctic Ice
  15. And of course only an imbecile would believe everything he reads all the time. Globally you say, so Japan, China, large parts of USA, Canada, 'Most' parts of Europe, which had colder than average temps this summer are not part of earth? They are part of another planet? Get real GN! Try living in the real world and follow blogs from people living around different parts of the world as well as scientific papers and you will see that in fact the world was far from the warmest this summer or 4th warmist or anything like that
  16. Actually rather cold and just 11oC at the moment, only got down to 9.8, but feels colder than it is. Cloudy today, but supposed to be sunny with rain from this afternoon... we shall see.
  17. We had a wanker like him where we used to live in Kofu. He would come around with his pissy little truck and a loud speaker saying how cheaply he can take away bits. So I asked him how much to take an old TV, he gave me some totally bs over the top price. I ended up telling him to go get lost, why do people have to pay this idiot so much money when they can just go and buy a 15 yen sticker from the conbini and on the said days it will be taken regardless of size. He never did come around anymore after that. Thankfully no one like that comes around this area, probably because no one exc
  18. Nah I like the 18's even though they wont be cheap im sticking with them. Mind you the 16 inch rims I have for the winter tyres gives the car more of a bad arse I can run over some old grannies k car and squash it flat look with those having the big chunky high walls. But the 18's give it the more refined sexy look, but still speaks of I am able to crush a few cows if they get in the way look.
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