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  1. Well I did say months ago this year is going to be a cold snowy one and I think I will be right, looks like others are saying the same now. In all the years I've been in Japan, this is the first year I can remember where there is actually a chill in the wind in September in Tokyo. Normally Tokyo by now has cooler days and of course the air feels fresher, but this last couple of days the actual air has a chill to it, unlike anything I can remember for Sep, in the eight years that I have been here. Please anyone correct me on that if it's just my memory.
  2. Originally Posted By: d-spin Snowdude, high stuff in Hokkaido has snow now. Click link in my other post. I'm sure it has! Isn't it nice to see some white already! Those living in Hokkaido are lucky as you always get to see white first, it will arrive at the rest of us soon though. Yipeee!
  3. Getting down to around 13oC here in Gunma now at night, it won't be long now. Even in Tokyo the air is cooling a lot from what it was. Some of the higher mountains in Hokkaido may well get snow this week! Finally nice to loose that terrible heat which I hate. I'm still going with what I told you all a few weeks ago that this winter is going to be a cold one.
  4. Originally Posted By: thursday "unreal for a compact, as good as an SLR" so which crappy SLR are you comparing with? My Father plus a couple of friends of mine that are in to photography got NEW SLR's, Wasn't expecting it to be as good, but actually pic quality is the same. If you compare any average SLR with the compact I got the actual pic quality is no different. Of course if you buy a really expensive top of the range camera then yes I'm sure it must be better. I am not here to argue which cam is better or worse, I couldn't give a shit basically, I simply came on here to tell pe
  5. Originally Posted By: Kumapix that camera has no viewfinder so good luck taking shots on a sunny day on the slopes! Well my last camera didn't have a viewfinder either, but never had a problem so no reason I should have a problem this year. It anyway has a function to allow taking pictures in sunlight so that you can see the screen. Once the snow arrives I will take some pics and see how I get on, but I bet i'll get some good pics.
  6. Well for me I guess have to be new boots and stocks, otherwise got everything else. Bought a new camera a couple months ago, Panasonic DMC-TZ3 28-280mm lense. The pics it takes is un real for a compact, as good as an SLR. If your looking for something small, light and able to take really clear pics then I would recommend this. And unlike most small cams it really does have a lense that starts at wide angle 28mm and goes right through to 280mm. 10x optical and 4x digital giving it a 40x zoom. Not many of the biggies can match that without paying a small fortune. If anyone is looking
  7. Well I am guessing there will be resorts opening earlier than usual this year. some of you may remember that I said we would have a long hot summer this year, which so far we have. And I said that this winter was going to be a cold one, well looking at several things still is indicating a cold one. Actually some of the typical winter airstreams are already with us, just the cold air hasn't arrived yet obviously and the air system of course is not settled yet and wont be until around November, quite different to last year. How long the season will last I can't tell for sure, but I believ
  8. Yeah how about return the design of the forum back to how it was, it was so much more clearer and organised before and easy to find everything. I have to say this new design is a mess and not at all organised looking. As for content how about add more weather links and more about now reports for other ski resort areas not just the main ones, if that is possible. Otherwise the info on here is quite good I think. I have enjoyed looking at the info and joining in the forum so thumbs up to that!
  9. I have climbed it once about 6 years ago when my brother came here, we climbed at night, got to the top by day break and watched the sunset, then climbed down. Doing this way is really cool, especially if you get a clear night sky it is really beautiful and peaceful. Also you don't have to worry about paying for the crappy accomodation huts they have. I want to do it again this July or Aug, which is the best time as the top is usually free of snow, usually, any other time you are likely to get snow at the very top due to the altitude.
  10. Absolutely Mina2, because in general Gunma is actually colder than Niigata, hence not as much snow, but still more than enough, and what does fall is much lighter and drier.
  11. Actually Gunma is renowned for it's powder snow, better than a lot imagine. Houdaigi will be good, but have you considered Tambara or Tanagawadake Tenjindaira, both have got far more snow than Houdaigi. Tambara is maybe better for families, whereas Tanagawadake is better for the more advanced skier. Houdaigi I can't comment on never been to it. Anyway, have fun where ever you decide on.
  12. Helicoils are actually like a stiff kind of spring, that is screwed into oversized holes, often use to use them on an engine years ago, if the spark plug was put in on the piss and the threads got stripped. Helicoils are by far the safest, if done correctly will last the entire life of the ski, epoxy glues, etc, tend to work harden and can crack or even effect the rest of the surface. If I were you I'd either go for helicoils or ditch the skiis and get new ones. Working as an engineer for more than 10 years, I have a lot of experience in this field. Sorry don't know where in Tokyo
  13. Yep I was in Minakami and Naeba yesterday and today with loads of fresh snow. Was still snowing in the afternoon,more snow tomorrow too and the end of the week for the higher elevations.
  14. Hi there WantToski, Well I too am a beginner, and except for one ski lesson have learned by myself, still crap at skiing, but never the less I can ski down the mountain, turn and stop with out crashing or falling now. One thing I find from a beginners point of view, is the ability to relax. I think this is one of the most important things, the experts out there correct me if I am wrong, but that is what I found. If you are tense, which most newbies are it's not easy to balance or turn, etc. I found that once I simply relaxed, it was so much easier, another problem for me was ba
  15. You might want to try Tambara in Gunma, they are still saying that they are going to be open for Golden Week, although looking at the weather this year I think that's pushing it a bit, but April should still be ok. They have a beginners and family course there, however not sure if the lower slopes will have enough snow cover. This I think will be a problem anywhere this year, except for the far nothern areas. If possible I would recommend this month to be safe, otherwise Hokkaido, they got more than 3 metres of snow on several of the ski resorts there and still snowing. As a complete
  16. Don't know but I was wearing a Tee-shirt at my house in Gunma, it was 17oC today.
  17. Very interesting data! Actually this year we are in for a scorcher, unfortunately, more like a traditional summer. But before that kicks in we are in for another nice cold snap from around Tuesday next week and that should continue for at least the next two weeks, dumping some snow around, even at the lower elavations. Looking at all the data and studying the weather patterns over the last few months, I predict next winter 2007/08 is going to be a snowy and cold one. A bit early to tell yet for sure, but several factors are pointing in that direction.
  18. Depends where you are, but yes Niigata, Northern Nagano, Northern Gumna and of course all of the northern areas will get snow Friday night and into saturday morning, may fall as rain to start in the valey areas, but for sure will be snow before the morning. Looking at a good 20-30cm in some areas, not a lot by other years standards, but well better than nothing. The freezing level by Sat morning from Saitama / Gunma upwards and accross is going to be at zero metres, so a very cold day Sat followed by an even colder night. Quote: Originally posted by DumbStick: Will it be bringing
  19. Well there is some really cold air heading to Japan. By Saturday most of Japan will be really cold.
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