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  1. GN you really are f+#cking stupid. Those figures you quoted are bullshit! Even the IPCC and NOAA have stated that the world has not warmed at all in the past 15 years. Many scientists have also now changed their statements and have said that global warming stopped about 15 years ago, although they also state they dont know why. This year both the arctic and antartica have again surpassed last years ice cover by a large margin. Some mointains that are usually ice free such as in Scotland for have had snow remain on them all year. Minami alps here in Japan still has a little snow left
  2. Go native may take the piss, but he will soon see that I was correct even to the year which if he looks back at my posts from a year or two will see I mentioned 2014/15 as the start of a new iceage. Slowly slowly from now on expect more cooler wetter weather during summer, obviously not every year will like it, but they will increase in frequency. This cool short summer and very rainy weather will be the norm from now onwards with more cooler wetter summers than hot and dry. Summers will in general become shorter, winters longer and colder, but drier for some areas, more snowy for others.
  3. Thundering like crazy and looks like it will belt it down with rain any second.
  4. Cold and cloudy here, looks like it may rain at anytime.
  5. I see parts of Hokkaido, actually TB's area are under emergency warnings for very heavy rain. Maybe a boat required to get to worl today.
  6. Yeah I think most of us spend way to much time on SJ, not that it is a bad thing, but ......
  7. A coldish and cloudy start but with patches of brightness. Looks like the weather could either way cloudy or sunny.
  8. Talking of snow as we had a rare sunny day where the mountains were also clearly visible I was surprised to see patches of snow still left over from last winter, it should be snow free from around end of July or early Aug until sometime in late September, but no there were patches of snow left up there. That by the way is not a lie, or and exaggeration as true as I sit here I saw patches of snow up there. So it is quite possible that those mountains could receive new snow before all of last years melted. Never seen that before for those mountains. Maybe a combination of the crazy amounts
  9. Thanks, I probably could write a guide I have enough info I have collected and experience going into them, but trying to sit down long enough and actually get my arse into gear to write a guide well that is another thing.
  10. No idea anyone else who likes i phone. It is funny though all this excitment and people in general around the world getting excited about a new product that is basically the same as all the other i phones, but has just grown in size a little and probably has one more colour variation. Not like anything much new will be released with it.
  11. Haha, just winding you all up. Especially you i phone lovers. But seriously I should of course imagine China mobile are lying about the phones design, but knowing China doing pre orders for a product that is not released would not be much of a surprise, even though I would hazzard a guess there is a license agreement that would stop carriers being able to do that before its release.
  12. Like I give a shit I am posting what is supposed to have been confirmed as true. Knowing China it probably is true as they tend to do stuff like take pre orders when they are not supposed to. Your just pissed that just may be China really has allowed its customers to pre order before you can. China also be lying as they are great at that too.
  13. Here it is China’s Biggest Carriers Might Have Revealed A Ton Of Details About The iPhone 6 Business InsiderBy Lisa Eadicicco | Business Insider – Fri, Sep 5, 2014 China Telecom China Telecom’s preorder page for the iPhone 6 We’re only days away from seeing the iPhone 6, but a few Chinese carriers may have already spilled a handful of details about the phone. China Telecom is already allowing customers to pre-order the iPhone 6 ahead of its unveiling on Sept. 9, as ZDNet first reported. This comes just days after China Mobile, the country’s largest mobile carrier, also revealed it
  14. Was on the news, if I can find the article later ill post it. Even though it is not yet released they were taking pre orders ready for its release. I do not say things just to exercise my speaking ability or for the fun of it, what I tell you is correct.
  15. Actually this new i phone news is old hat Chinas mobile phone carrier leaked photos of it about 10 days ago and they were real. They already took preorders, you guys are all way out of date. Lol
  16. If you took the time to actually read my previous replies you will see I have already memtioned the make and model.
  17. I hear that a lot. I will probably be going for the 5.5 and I think that will almost be 'too big'. I didn't know there were 7" phones. That's just a bit smaller than the iPad mini! Surely that's just a tablet that 'does phone stuff'? Don't you feel a complete plonker sticking that up by your ear? Mine is just a whisker under 7, but I believe docomo actually has one that is crack on 7. And no its cool to speak with my sized phone. And no it is a phone, not a tablet, more like a phone that does tablet stuff.
  18. We have 4 mixed onsen here in Yamanashi that I know of and two which I have been too, one was real nice all open but set in the trees by a river. Very nice in autumn.
  19. My phone almost 7 inch screen, its like holding an ipad. I too hate small screens
  20. A cold start this morning got down to 10.5 here. A very sunny start with a cold wind, but should warm up a fair bit with the sun out.
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