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  1. Oh no, can't believe it!!!! But I understand the amount of work required to keep these forums running, and I will still continue to use the site and post reviews and photos. I appreciate all the work you guys have put in and look forward to the new stuff you are doing. Thank you for such a great site. P.s if anyone wants to keep in touch with me like SJ said contact them to speak to me.
  2. Raining today and cold, quite the contrast from yesterdays warm sunny weather.
  3. Not long now before I get my season pass, end of the month I will have it.
  4. Hilton hotel and The Grand Hyatt, I have stayed at both of them, they are both very nice hotels and will keep your luggahe for you. They also both have a free shuttle bus that runs every 15 or 20 mins that take you between the hotel and Shinjuku station.
  5. After a wet start from last nights rain it is again mostly cloudy and looks like may be keeping mostly cloudy. Not so cold today and only got down to 6 last night. Lots of Yukimushi flying around this past couple of days too.
  6. Not long now just one month until ski season starts here. I see tonight Fujimi Panorama have the skijo lights on, making snow most probably.
  7. Funny day, mostly cloudy, odd patch of sunshine with a bit of light rain now and again.
  8. Another sharp frost with temps going into the minus figures again. Currently 2oC, although supposed to be sunny with a high of about 10-13. Cloudy over half of the sky including here and clear blue sky to the west.
  9. Clear blue sky, sunny and a cold frosty start, looks like being a beautiful day today.
  10. Was nice and sunny today got up to 13, but felt cold out of the sun with a strong NW blowing all day. Cold tonight will be a sharp frost tonight.
  11. As for the Japanese houses being sugoi, the standard rental houses are far from sugoi, rather pretty shite. Paper thin walls, wafer thing glass, cold as f@#k in winter and hot as.... in summer. Not sure where they get the sugoi part there. Having your own house built to a decent standard like we did is different, but the bulk standard houses, no way. These clowns just want to be on TV.
  12. That is why I don't watch Japanese TV, it pisses me off, all this over the top sugoi's, umai's, subarashi's, etc. And they usually have to shout while they say it. Basically any of these type of programmes do my head in. It is a big reason I did not bother to instal TV cable in my house and went for hikari instead. When I want to watch NHK news I use myportable TV or just wifi connect my phone to my TV if I want to watch it on a big screen.
  13. Not lovely here, but better than yesterday at least it is not raining at the moment. Just cloudy with rain forecast. Out today to Izimino with our dogs
  14. Had toasted egg and bacon sandwiches for my lunch today was veey tasty.
  15. Shite morning here, raining and at times thick fog hanging around. Not exactly warm either rather coldish actually, and looks like day time temps will not get out of single digits today.
  16. Turned into a really sunny day by late morning and a nice warm 15.5oC today, was lovely. Cold again tonight, but as it has started clouding over I doubt it will be frosty tonight. Forecast has changed and now has us down for rain off and on all day tomorrow right through until mon or tue.
  17. Another frosty, crisp start to the day, but with some clouds about already. Should warm more from today until around Sunday, before a plunge in temps again from Monday. Bloody cloud and rain through the bank holiday again, typical.
  18. I watched 'The Rock' on the way back from Tokyo last Saturday. I have seen that film thousands of times, but never get tired of watching it, a great movie.
  19. If you bring back to the shop tjey can do it for you, takes a few seconds to transfer all your contacts to your new phone. I am surprised they did not ask you, they normally ask if you want them transfered. Another way is to just transfer them yourself using blue tooth or infrared, which both your old and new will have. Go into contacts, then the tools or settings menu or whatever it is called then transfer, and just follow the instructions.
  20. A beautiful day again blue sky no clouds and now the wind has eased off it feels nice in the sun, very nice indeed.
  21. I can understand if great big chunks of ice were falling down, but soft and fluffy snow!! That is the problem though chunks of ice falling from the top down on to buildings and people below, which is why it has got several complaints
  22. Sukayu in Aomori seems to have gotten the most snow with 28cm. Not bad for October! A lot of areas in Hokkaido got a nice coating too. It will probably all melt this coming weekend as it warms up, but some very early season snow is always good well that is as long as it doesnt snow here for another couple of weeks or so otherwise I will have a lot of buggered vegies. Looks like the frost has ruined some of my cabages. It was white here this morning too, still is where it is shaded from the sun, But not from snow, from frost!
  23. Icy cold this morning with a strong NW still blowing making ir feel veey cold. I had to scrape ice of my car windows this morning, they were frozen solid and no that is not an exaggeration. Does not feel like end of October more like December.
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