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  1. When i was 18 I spent a season in Canada having never skied before, i went with one of my friends, thought i'd see what Whistler was like. My very first day was on something almost completely flat, it was the middle of a blizzard when i couldn't see more than about 2 feet in front of my face, and by the end of the first hour i was freezing cold and soaking wet... but i was totally determined i was going to be good at "this skiing caper." I skied 94 days in a row after that, and haven't stopped since Skiing is the long lost love of my life...
  2. the speed skaters have legs similar to many cyclists... and quite out of proportion to the rest of their bodies. it's a bit bizarre... but i guess it's what comes from having such power and endurance in their legs.
  3. "The objective of the activity does not at any time directly involve physically harming an opponent. " does this mean that boxing is not a sport?
  4. it's very different when you're living in a resort and have a season pass than if you're just visiting for a few days or a week. If i'm just visiting and it's bad weather or i'm not feeling so great or there are millions of people around, i won't hurry out, and often won't stay out for long. However, if i'm visiting for a few days i feel obliged to get the absolutely maximum number of hours on the hill, so i'll be the first one on, last one off!!
  5. i use soccer socks... they are quite thin and long enough. i used to wear special ski socks, but i found they actually just weren't as comfortable. I too have never heard of boarders getting bruises from their boots... i thought board boots were soft?
  6. i've been skiing for about 5 years now. i tried snowboarding once, and i'm sure at some stage i will try it again, but i haven't yet achieved everything i want to with skiing... < i think skiing is becoming more a young person's sport again though... "newschool" is making it cool to ski again... and it's great for the sport.
  7. i'm really looking forward to it, but i think many people, particularly in those countries that are not in winter at the moment, are not all that interested in it.
  8. oh there are tons of these round the traps... here are a few more. some are hilarious... some are downright distasteful. Guns don't kill people. Chuck Norris kills People. There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of animals Chuck Norris allows to live. Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits. The chief export of Chuck Norris is Pain. There is no chin under Chuck Norris' Beard. There is only another fist. Chuck Norris has two speeds. Walk, and Kill. The leading causes of death in the United States are: 1. Heart Disease 2. Chuck Norris 3. Cancer
  9. here in Aus i just wear a t-shirt under my jacket, and occasionally a hoodie if it's quite cold. overseas i usually wear a thermal tshirt and a hoodie or fleece.
  10. i think a jobs section would be great. I, myself, am considering spending a season somewhere in japan next year, and info on resorts and job opportunities and even just processes for applying for jobs, tips, that sort of thing all in one place would be fantastic. Language is a very limiting factor as far as many websites go.
  11. wow enemies for just over 300 bucks. that's amazing!!! Are most of the similarly cheap? is there much of a range? Or opportunities to demo skis? because whilst I am fairly sure what i want, i'm always open to changing my mind (as is a woman's prerogative!!!)
  12. I think these problems occur anywhere that there is an influx of foreigners over a (relatively) short period of time. Eventually, each group adapts, and whilst some of the traditional culture may be at least, less frequently observed, i don't think it is usually lost forever. I am one of those hoards of Aussies who has spent a season in Whistler, and whilst it is, obviously, quite Australianised, i didn't feel that detracted too much from the experience. I travelled further across Canada, but met many wonderful Canadian people in whistler itself. Now, obviously, the Japanese culture is f
  13. Hi guys, i have been reading these forums for a couple of weeks now. it's great to have such high quality content!! now i'm heading to niseko in a few weeks, it will be my first time in japan. I currently have Rossignol B2s, but i am considering getting the K2 Missdemeanors. I was just wondering, does anyone know what the comparable cost of buying those type of skis is going to be in Japan compared to Australia? Preferably i would get them once i'm there due to baggage weight restrictions etc, also, are there many ski shops around? i don't really know anyone who's even been there who ca
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