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  1. i know there are ferrys from various other japan ports to pusan but does anyone know if they run from hokkaido to korea?
  2. aren't we all just 'tourists' anyway? you're either an offensive i don't have to pretend this is another country cuturally ingorant/uninterested tourist or one who is trying to be sensitive to their environment and peoples but who is still inevidibly an outsider. whatever - you go cause you want to i go for the first time in a week and village full of aussies or no - i can't wait!
  3. what about travellers cheques? are they a goer?
  4. for me a great film is one that allow you to utterly believe for that one and a half hours (or three) that the pretending is absolutely for real. and being drawn in, and moved by a story is an amazing visual and emotive experience. 'good luck and good night' was one, and it didn't need explosions, or sex to make it interesting. i find music in film an interesting thing - it is so important in how it adds to the atmosphere of the film but feels creepily like emotional manipulation. eg. the last aussie film i saw was 'little fish' with cate blanchett and it was really good but there was a
  5. yup - corgi - cute but so stoopid
  6. brandy by itself - a little too medicinal for me but then again have never tried a really yummy one bbq mangoes with brandy and icecream verrrrry nice!
  7. thanks for the tips - i have a feeling that yes, it may be time for a new pair of boots but i'm trying to get at least another couple of seasons out my current ones. i have been using 'boarding' socks (extra pad at the calf, toe and heel) but these bunch up and still do nothing to relieve the pressure just under my calf. can't seem to get the balance of having a snug fit for my foot and not cut off the circulation to my calves... or i could just be a big baby will see how the thin sock goes!
  8. i love getting into my pajamas as quickly as possible - fuzzy flannys in winter and big t-shirt when its hot! whole weekends in sleep wear is good...have even ventured to the shops in the ol' pajamas
  9. have to say sweet meats full stop makes my stomach turn - laughed myself silly at a friend attempting to just put down lambs fry - gagging and eating at the same time is surely a difficult thing to do. grasshoppers...i've been told brown ones ok never go for the greenies but what would it taste like? chicken?? western conditioning makes it really hard to imagine eating horse but i suppose eating some nag isn't that different to eating some old cow. chihuahua on a stick anyone?
  10. strangely like eating soft rubber bands yet not really chewy like fatty bits of meat...no taste really bar the dressing which was quite delicious or maybe it was the wine... weirdest gastronomic experience?
  11. have been suffering mega calf bruising from boots cutting into my lower calves - am testing the thin sock (hose basically) this season (and my first in japan!) in an attempt to reduce the pad out but the current -18 C on mountain is freaking me out a bit. last season i changed to new bindings (which rock!) - and this helped but am still suffering. has anyone else had this problem?? suggestions? btw board ...and only 3 weeks to go!
  12. BP - no wisdom teeth is an evolutionary mutation!
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