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  1. haha fair enough. Sorry that little quip before was a bit harsh, the people on this message board are really cool and helpful and undoubtedly still in their prime! Yes it is a subjective thing Bushpig...I think generally, from what i've seen from my experience skating here in west oz, a majority of people can still skate pretty well after a few beers (I myself fall under this category....but i'm really not that good to be honest - drunk or sobre!).
  2. No offence to the respondents here, but are you people here all over 40 retirees? Anyone who skates knows that a few beers enhances your skills. I'd be interested to find out about this bar in Kutchan too Southern, cos I leave for Niseko tonight and I will be hitting it for sure! It's easy to chuck your skateboard in with your snowboard (as it's comparatively small), in fact i'm going to go do that now! Thanks for reminding me dude. If you want to hit it up together bro i'll be staying at Lodge Bam Boo in Hirafu for the next month. Come see me, my names Jeremy (Jezza), just ask around.
  3. Yeh I think that i'll be able to find a decent exchange rate at Tokyo Narita airport. I was looking at the website, apparently they have several banks and currency changers there so i'll just look around and find the best rate I suppose. Went to the Travelex company website and they have a decent online rate (85.22 Yen/ $1) if i'm not mistaken. Better than my commonwealth bank quote today of about 84 yen/ $1. Anyway i'm not worried, just excited.... Happy Australia Day! (Bushpig, I am in Cottesloe)
  4. Cheers guys, I appreciate the help. Yes I think I was a bit naive before expecting the 86.2 Yen / $1 exchange rate...obviously this is a top rate ...however having travelled extensively, i've noticed that ATMs always give the best exchange rate available. I think the best option for me is to get it changed either at Tokyo airport (stopping there briefly) or before I leave on Friday. If you do the maths, the 2 yen difference in exchange rate only equates to 10,000 yen overall...about $110 AU. That's nothing worth crying about in my opinion if it's going to make life a whole lot easi
  5. In Australia, white out is used to correct hand writing errors.
  6. You guys on this forum seem to be the only one that can answer any questions I have about my upcoming trip to Japan (which is really awesome), so let's see how you go with this one: I have $5000 AU cash that I need to change to Japanese yen. The current yahoo buy rate is ~86 Yen per $1 AU. I was just at the bank where they told me their current rate is ~84 Yen / $1. Clearly, this is considerably lower and there must be some way for me to get the top exchange rate. I don't necessarily have to change the money before I leave (on Friday the 27th), however I am going directly from Chito
  7. Thanks for all the advice poeple, appreciated. Still, I have no iron or no scraper. But I don't have much to do today so i'm going to focus my attention on: - Finding an old iron from a charity donation store. - Improvising a scraper from something around the house. - Getting this bloody board waxed! If all else fails, I'll ask around at the lodge i'm staying at when I get in on Saturday night (27th Jan)....otherwise, if anyone in Niseko Hirafu wants to lend me their iron, then you're a legend.
  8. Pipes are very very popular in Canada....but so are joints and bongs.
  9. My board is in desperate need of a wax and I hop on the plane in Just 3 days. I have a small little hob of wax (the size of a credit card and half an inch thick) but no iron or scraper. I could buy a cheap iron tomorrow, but if I use my mum's iron will it be ruined? Any ideas of how I could improvise for a scraper? Is it really necessary to brush to get it really fine? I've never really bothered with that... I only waxed 3 times last year in 3 months riding, and yes, I was the slowest boarder on the cat-tracks But riding powder, do you think having a fast/well waxed boa
  10. Whistler's a sick resort anyway, the snow was average last season but I still had a great time hiking into untracked bowls, building jumps over creeks and hitting the several parks and halfpipes. We still got some good powder days and it didn't really matter too much that it was raining heaps in the village.
  11. Number9, as for the Aussie working holidayers in Niseko...I suppose i'll soon find out if the epidemic is as bad as Whistler was! All i can say is that last year in Whistler, there were so many Aussies and other foreigners working over there that it was almost impossible to find a decent job or even affordable accommodation. And if you've seen the size of Whistler Village and it's surrounding suburbs and businesses, you'll understand. Niseko can't possibly be as bad.
  12. hahahaha oh well no harm in asking! I agree NPM, why travel to Japan for a wave pool when I can drive south for 3 hours and get to margaret river and near perfect barells? I hear the Miyazaki wave pool is the best in the world...remembering that wave pool technology and innovation is still quite primitive and un-developed (Waves magazine, Sept 05). Great, now i'm referencing a reply on an internet forum. That's what years of university study can do to your subconscious. I'm only intending to visit japan for the snow (and maybe just a little sample of the japanese girls...but only if i'm
  13. Yeh cool...i thought so, you may note a slight hint of sarcasm in my last reply....i'm not the least bit offended, just a bit confused as to the nationalities of the members of this forum.... After spending last year in Whistler, i think Niseko will be a nice change of pace. If you think there are a lot of Aussies in Niseko, then you should check Whistler out - and most of the aussies there stay for the entire season (as a working holiday), not just a few weeks. This allows them a tactical approach to mischief.... Can anyone answer a few questions for me? - Is there any surf on H
  14. It's good to see we're not generalising here... because ALL Australians incite violence, are agressive and disrespectful. If there's a few Aussies causing trouble in Niseko it's only reasonable to assume that the majority of Australians are unruly [censored]. Gee I don't want to disappoint you guys when i come over next year. I'll be sure to live up to your expectations and make lots of noise and mess. Awesome.
  15. Yeh, but you won't catch any diseases from riding Niseko. Anyway, why pay for a ride in Amsterdam when you can hike the backcountry for free?
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