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  1. Hi everyone, I didn't really want to start a convo about drinking and skateboarding etc just wanted the name of the bar - anyway if anyone does know please post it asap as I am nearly on that plane. Cheers and thanks for everyone's replies...
  2. Currently skating a Censor deck - am not really into it as much as I was a few years back but still like to have a crack every now and then - actually this will be a long time coming, lets hope I don't break anything...
  3. Thanks for all the replies... I will throw the board in just to be safe... Still if anyone knows please reply... Thanks
  4. Just want to be able to skate whilst having a few beers - that would be sick and yeah energy factor is no worries... Most Queenslanders have ADHD or some form of it... No disrespect to those who are true sufferers. Anyone know anything about original question? Thanks
  5. I have a question in the snow report from I think the 24th, there was mention of a bar in Kutchan with a skateboard ramp in it - can I get the name of the bar and do you need to take your own skateboard as well? I am heading there in 3 days so am keen to know if I need to take my own board. Anyone who knows please respond!! Thanks
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