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  1. Just bumping this up in case anyone has an ideas.
  2. Or could I just buy this? http://tenant.depart.livedoor.com/t/pro-g_outlet/item842349.html Is this 150 hours and including the card? Would probably be perfect. Will there be real stores selling this that I could easily go to in Saporro?
  3. It seems this the company I would be using if I got the UK plan, ie they just get it through these people: http://www.bmobile.ne.jp/english/one.html There is a coverage map here: http://www.bmobile.ne.jp/personal/area/index.html I can't work it out as I can't read any Japanese, bt if anyone can see if Niseko is covered, would be much appreciated.
  4. Another question for this most helpfull forum I am coming to Japan in a couple of days, will spend a few weeks in Niseko and then travelling around. My work is on the internet so I would like to be able to have internet access where ever I am. I am brining my laptop with me. So I am thinking about getting a laptop data card. I have tried to find some info on this, I think vodaphone does one on a pay as you go basis with 200 Yen per MB. This is perhaps ok but not great. I am also not sure where to get it from. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? Will I get recep
  5. Yeah, that's what I thought. At the moment definitely leaning towards only bringing the BCs.
  6. Wow, that's brilliant. Thanks very much for your help, this means I can spend an extra week or two skiing Excellent!
  7. Wow, that's awesome - I never expected it would be that easy. Excuse my ignorance, is takyubin a type of delivery service then - will it be easy to find such a company in Niseko?
  8. Hi, I am coming to Niseko in a week or so and wondering about ski choices. Basically, I have a pair of Scatch Back Country which are definitely coming, the question really is it worth bringing my Atomic Metron 10s. These are great on piste for carving and in light powder but clearly the Scratches are a lot better off piste. I am happy skiing in powder all day and every day, but is there a chance of there not being any decent powder and thus piste skiing? Should I bring the Atomics or not bother?
  9. Sorry, somewhat random question but not sure where else to ask. I am coming to Niseko (from England) in a week or so, brining my skis. After a couple of weeks skiing I am travelling through Japan for a few weeks on the train. Now, clearly I don't want to carry all my ski stuff with me for travelling. It's possible I can have a friend take it back with me but I am wondering what sort of options there might be to get my ski bag (i can get all my other skiing stuff in my rather large ski bag) shipped from Niseko to Tokyo (where my flight is out of) and then storred until I come and pick
  10. Ausbc, Thanks very much for the help. Shame there is no monthly all mountain pass - looking forward to seeing you on the slopes On the credit card / cash machine discussion - can you pay for lift passes with credit cards?
  11. Really? I can't find anything discussing where you purchase the month ski pass, how much it is etc, perhaps you have a link? A search for "niseko month" has nothing from 2005 about a month pass.
  12. English guy (24) coming with two mates (all living around London) to Japan in Feb 06. My first time to Japan so very excited! We are going to Niesko to ski and have some accomadation booked at the Niseko Lodge (nisekolodge.com). One thing I am trying to find out about is lift passes. I might want to stay on a bit longer than my friends if I can find a room to rent for a couple of weeks so would be quite interested in the monthly pass. I have heard these exist but the lodges can not get them. Is that the case? What are the "point passes?". All I see on the websites is the max 7 day pa
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