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  1. that is true team sb. I think with lifts open 830 till 830 i can spare a few hours though How is the pipe at Niseko (if it exists) We fly out to Sapporo in 2 sleeps Woop Woop David.
  2. i would have liked to have started off skiing so i could turn to the dark side and know what i am not missing out on do you know what the hardest part about learning to snowblade is? Telling your parents you are gay.. No offense meant....to gay people by saying they snow blade David
  3. i am going anyway to go snowboarding for a week. I was thinking of spending 1/2 a day max shopping and looking at shops I dont worry about the price to get over there as i am going to ride so this is a bonus. Would the prices be cheaper than lik-sang.com
  4. i am flying from sydney to Sapporo on Monday morning. It is a direct flight and I wanted to know your thoughts. Is Duty Free the best place to get electronics (psp and camera stuff) or is there some place in sapporo that is cheaper. I would like the export stuff if possible or if the japan stuff is really cheap i will get a currency converter. Cheers David
  5. goofy too.....I noticed that the number of goofies was increasing year by year. A rental shop in aus would shove a person in the back and then se which foot they stuck out to save them from face planting and that would be the lead foot....nice intro to snowboarding...a whack in the back Davic
  6. yeah I lived in Avon just a bit down the road from Summit and saw people get arressted, fired and have to leave the country as they no longer worked for the company that issued there Visa Just for lending a mate his pass. I worked In ticketing and felt like a prick when we had to do it. Saw a 20 something kid start bawling once though....it was sad but kinda funny. David
  7. I used to be an Instructor in Australia and the states. If you ride a duck stance in an exam in australia you will fail. Even If you are the best rider there you will still fail. The APSI (australian professional snowsports instructors) believe that duck stance does not help the rider. Duck supposedly projects the body and weight away from the edge and makes flexing ankles knees hips and spine more difficult. I dont know if you saw Hannah Teeter rip it up in the pipe in the winter olympics. Watch her as she rides in fakie. She has forward angle on her back foot and she is doing 9'
  8. what do you guys think about this? Return flights to Sapporo meet and greet at airport return transfers 8 nights at teh rusutsu resort breakfast daily daily ski lift pass 1475.00 per person plus 260.00 tax
  9. burton have engineered most of there gear to last about 60 days. This is great if you only ride 10 days a year or something. If you live in a resort and ride everyday they are dead within 2 months. I had a pair of Sabbaths last season and i could flex them so I could point my toes down at the ground. CHEERS DAVID
  10. lots of places i looked at inlcude lift ticket in the cost... DAVID
  11. hey, Have been looking at those. I think Niseko is the winner so far. Just need to find some accommodation the has a ensuite (girlfriends request) and is still cheap enough for us. David
  12. I heard from a customer who is in whistler that they are getting slammed hard also.. She said 1.5 metres in 4 or 5 Days... Cats must be grooming like crazy... Cheers David
  13. Hi everyone, Just joined up and thought I would say hi to all of you guys. G/F And I am going to Sapporo in March and have been reading your website everyday to get some idea of the best place to get my freak on as it were.... Still trying to work out the best resort/hotel( or pension) to stay at and If i should book in OZ through an agent or over the web... BLAH BLAH i am sure you have all heard this a thousand times Cheers DAVID
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