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  1. http://www.snowjapanforums.com/ubbthread...html#Post304627 kuroneko takkyubin will ship it since it's under 160cm. Not sure on the prices though. I'd say if you want to keep that board you should take it on the flight back with you. Yahoo auctions is where you can sell it but it's a bad time right now (who's buying snowboards now?). If you want to do that you'll need to get an account which is a little difficult (lots of japanese, i think you need a credit card to be able to sell things) - it'd be easier if you have a friend who has an account to sell it for you. or take it to a recycle s
  2. Black Mountain, take it easy buddy! Reread my two posts. Have I contributed anything to this thread? Well, I have explained about est bindings & how the new fish rides. I have also explained that there is no 160cm restriction for snowboards for domestic shipping with takkyubin. I had a look at your links and I understand where you're coming from but come on, have you had a look at yahoo auctions recently? There are currently 425 auctions ongoing in the "over 160cm snowboard" category. How do you think people get them? Will kuroneko just bend the rules each time? Click on an auction and
  3. well, just to let you know, there is no 160cm restriction at kuroneko for DOMESTIC. There is for international. so they didn't let you get away with anything
  4. Originally Posted By: AndyB Have you seen this years fish with the swallow tail & rocker? I'd love to ride one but I really dont wanna have to buy new bindings too.... booo for burtons proprietary systems You don't need to buy new bindings (if you have burton bindings). They come with plates that work with non-est burton bindings. I ride that new fish and it is insane! The swallowtail doesn't do much, but the rocker is amazing. It's great on-piste too as for all the guys chiming in with 'I sent my boards with kuroneko no problem', this thread is about international shipp
  5. note: the resort hasn't been decided yet. it will be in the Hida region.
  6. I use undergloves (gloves that go under the sleeve) for regular resort riding and overmitts for pow. Buying gloves is all about personal preference. I don't like fleece inside my gloves as my hands get sweaty. Others might need fleece if their hands get cold easily. Just go to a store with a big selection and try them all on, even the ones out of your price range. You'll get a good idea of what you get for your buck. I like the burton rpms but I'm using Dakine somethings now. I also use the burton yeti and burton ak hover mitt. I would pay around 10,000yen for gloves. Obviously
  7. Originally Posted By: Chilulu Bought a pair of Burton-brand gloves last year in Jimbocho. I can't believe it, but they're already falling apart. Especially the finger-tips--the top layer is peeling away... I guess I can't trust brand-names anymore... Can anyone recommend what kind of gloves I should get as replacements? I need to get them before my next trip on the 24th... Thanks in advance! really? my burton gloves usually last about 3 seasons of hard riding.(RPM's). My AK 3l mitts lasted 5 seasons. I'm now in the second year of a new pair. Also using Yeti's this year and they are
  8. Originally Posted By: XilR8 Originally Posted By: panhead_pete Been out again, focussing on putting lots of wieght on my front foot as the instructors I have had previously said I was surfing too much..... Great fun. Scrap that training asap. You'll want all your weight on the back foot or you will be drowning in powder here not if you're on a fish or gyrator
  9. There will be a noboard contest on Jan 31 in the Hida area of Gifu prefecture. I will hopefully have more details next week.
  10. use the airpacks for regular boot feel or the b3 gel packs for extra 'feel' in the heel. I like both
  11. Originally Posted By: muikabochi Just telling it like it is mate. you're ridiculous. I just got off Happo after a sick powder day...oh yeah, yesterday was powder too
  12. Originally Posted By: klingon "Shops" have them. awesome joke man! I showed everybody at work!
  13. true but sales tax is levied on any purchase over a certain amount. I read all the rules last year but forget them
  14. 500 pounds = 100,000yen. they charged you sales tax probably at 10%
  15. great to hear Neversummer! Unfortunately, all noboards in my area are sold out. I do know of one available in the Tokyo area. Also, there's the first ever Japan Noboard contest in the works. It's going to be Jan 31/Feb1 in the Hida, Gifu-ken area!
  16. I don't have a d300. I'd like a d700 with your lens which you'll sell me for cheap (since you're using it on a dx body)
  17. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy what? you dont use a tripod when photographing? youre not a real photographer!! my tripod is in the mail
  18. Originally Posted By: contender !!! All good photos. For me the 2nd and 3rd photo capture what skiing/boarding is all about, being outside in nature far away from cars and big cities. I guess we'll see you in the Hakuba bc again this year then
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