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  1. thank you! ok, now for a different question.. anyone know how i can get a board from heathrow to inner london without carrying it on public transport? is there a courier service over there?
  2. thanks, i'll check it out. i didn't know kuroneko sent internationally though?! this is going to cost me a fortune, isn't it?
  3. even better, anyone know how i can send a board to the UK? my luggage is way over limit already. OR.. anyone know how i can send a board from heathrow to a london address? any help would be wonderful, thank you!
  4. not sure why, but i've been reading up on men's fashion this morning. seems burton has teamed up with armani to make some amazingly silver snowboard wear. http://men.style.com/fashion/collections/F2007MEN/complete/thumb/EAMEN?trend=&page=7
  5. my neighbour has a massive bonsai collection in her front yard & the ume are in bloom already. now, is this just some freakish bonsai thing, or has spring already sprung?
  6. ha! i always wonder if anyone who doesn't live in hakuba/nagano/..saitama.. reads this?
  7. does anyone know how to access hotmail when there are firewalls in the way? i'm using a shared PC and don't want to download any programs if possible. i know very little about computers and would occasionally like to check emails. & yes, i know the blocks are there for a reason.i'd just really like to check my mail occasionally. thank you!
  8. just when i was becoming impressed at the level of intelligent debate on this forum,someone goes and brings up aussie hiphop! and in defence of bandanna-wearing riders everywhere - it's not always about style! wasn't shaun white the lad who started it all, to protect his pasty ginga skin from the sun? im not a fan of the goggle tan, occasionally bandanna up to protect against the sun/wind/ice.
  9. Quote: Originally posted by Rag-Doll: Just about every other mass participation sport seems to manage to do quite well without wrapping itself up in contrived counter culture or pretending that riding down a mountain on one board instead of two imparts any kind of attitude or cache or makes a lifestyle statement. I can understand how back in the day when resorts didn’t allow boarders or treated them differently to skiers, choosing to ride a snowboard said something about a person’s willingness to conform but geez, that was years ago. Being a boarder now is about as rebellious as becomin
  10. i think it's interesting how the subculture has moved from the urban centres to the snow. wonder if we'll ever see goths on skis? Or are they not allowed to have that much fun?
  11. has anyone ever seen tinned whale for sale? my bro was disappointed when we couldn't find any in Jusco. Seems reports back home portray it to be common fare over here. I've seen tinned seal & cans of bear curry, but never whale. Anyone else?
  12. oh man.. i read that as 'pretty girls on the beach in a bikini rubbing my board and waxing my back' i think i need my glasses.
  13. oi! that photo was taken by my two-year-old vodafone hunk'a'junk, without a photoshop in sight. ebc is THE hakuba ski bunny & no doubt will be bouncing around town sans leg lump by the time the resorts open.
  14. oh my god what the hell is that? who on earth has that much time? or more rightly, who is the master at paintbrush? healthily proportioned? i prefer badonkadonk myself.
  15. oh c'mon lads, how about a 'wow that looks wicked' or 'damn girl, you take a mean photo' or even 'what is that lump on your leg ruining your amazing skinny jeans?'
  16. yikes i just saw fattwins' collection.. that's quite a haul. and i bet ebc isn't far behind? as for me.. i'd love to update when i can finally find a decent board under 140cm. any suggestions? & none of shawn white's stuff as it's ugly (& yes, it does matter)
  17. see what happens when my boyfriend lives on the other side of the world? i end up throwing myself at the first snowboarder who points my way. (& point he does. ebc has plenty of evidence)
  18. some of us havent even ventured into the bc, and you're packing a picnic lunch ? half your luck, andy!
  19. if i were black i'd throw in a 'you go girl' or something similarly empowering. as it stands, i'm a jlander-wannabe honky, so all i can do is chuckle.
  20. maybe there's a career in it for you, ms basecamp? i'll publish you, no questions.
  21. from a hike? well that's a little rough. was it one with andy doing that awesome pose thing he does? the wind is cooold over here & i'm trying to keep my envy levels DOWN down down.
  22. argh eski, count yourself lucky that your view is is so wicked that people want to steal it! and now i'm intrigued.. who are these monkey folk? way to go for the free advertising, i guess? & finally, what the hell are you doing up at dawn?!! putting us city folk to shame, no doubt.
  23. wow you guys rock. my lesson has been postponed til next week.do you think i can do a belated one? maybe if i can get a broadcast on youtube etc, i could show the race?
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