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  1. And it was fun. Didn't go up there into the snow, but we had a great week checking out lots of places in Nagano.
  2. Work sucks? Well I'm new here so I'm not fed up yet! Planning a trip around the mountains for around golden week though, that should be fun.
  3. Never with ramen though I've had some suspect gyoza before.
  4. Hey thanks for all the feedback folks, great stuff. I'm itching to get out there but a mix of work and still getting to grips with things where I am (house etc) is going to prevent me from going out I think. but MAYBE golden week, a friend has invited me over to Nagano and so I'm hoping that I get a chance over there. Fingers crossed. Cheers
  5. Hey I'm new here New to Japan as well actually, just arrived about a week ago. I really like snowboarding and looking forward to checking it out. Just wondering whether to just wait until next season starts or to go out now at the tail end of the season and maybe not get the best impression of it. What you reckon? Cheers
  6. I'm new to Japan just arrived last week and really looking forward to checking out the slopes. Snowboarder.
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