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  1. nice one, FT it was a pretty sweet season. i really hope i can make it back soon. maybe not this season but i'll try to figure something out so i can come visit next year.
  2. damn it, toque beat me. i almost went this weekend but the weather was too warm. hopefully i can make it up before the end of October and be number 2.
  3. hoping to hike up blackcomb next weekend depending on the weather. mt. baker opens up Nov. 1st so shouldn't be long either way.
  4. thanks for the link. it does look like the most toqueish place ever
  5. what do you mean 'turn into'? thought i'd crossed that line already you guys should watch 'Soredemo boku wa yattenai'. it'll show you one of the reasons why i'm doin' this. (i think everyone in Japan should see it regardless)
  6. yup, i'm back in Canadia. if all goes as planned i should be spending the holidays in Kimberley, BC and the surrounding areas.
  7. school is great: 3 and 1/2 weeks off at Christmas. friends that vacation in mexico make it even better: access to an empty house in Kimberley.
  8. This is my favorite action shot from the trip, FF posted it above but it's worth posting in white:
  9. haha, no way i could've kept up. hey ff what do you think of May 26-27 weekend... i might be able to squeeze one last trip up since my original plans fell through and i already have the Friday (25th) off. btw i sent you the link to the pics if you want to replace some of them. here's another stitch job, scenery from our bench on day 3:
  10. FF, you can be sure i'll try to come back to tour with you. btw i've done some quick retouching of a lot of those pics since i wasn't really at my best (grey snow!!! sheesh, talk about a lazy photographer). i'll try to load them all to my site tonight so you can relink them if you want. i also made a few stitch jobs.
  11. i've been wearing the same pants since wednesday, i just took em off and the stand up by themselves. korenge was great. thanks for taking us up FF.
  12. fatts, i just have my ski crampons, i've been thinking of buying boot crampons, but looks like i may wait to get some in canada. btw, i got from May 3-8 off and could possibly tack on an extra day hmmm 55 degrees, 900m sustained, i better keep jogging then
  13. overstress, damn dude they just called you fat!!! well, it was worth a try.
  14. btw the gw holiday is April 30th, May 3,4,5 (Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday). Tuesday and Wednesday are working days though individuals will have varying arrangements.
  15. speaking of GW i'm going to get half of golden week off. i can pick either from 28th-2nd inclusive or from 3rd-7th inclusive i def. want to do some touring so could join up for 3-4 days. FT, lemme know what would work better for your plans.
  16. i'm at 19 days so far, hoping to get 5-10 more days in if i can.
  17. hey creek, i'll be up Sunday night til wednesday, should be snowing til i get there... slow, whatever you do don't stay in the city!
  18. snow looks really nice. hope there's some more dumps by the time i get there next week.
  19. kuma, maybe tomorrow if things settle down. just had two 12+ hour days at work and i'm absolutely exhausted. on a better note, i've got March 19-20 off so i'll likely come up 19-20-21.
  20. hey dude, how'd the interview go? where did you end up crashing?
  21. those look nice. but 299 US is still more than i paid for each of the pairs i bought for this season.
  22. kuma, dpi is basically meaningless apart from printing. the resolution (amount of pixels) is fixed. changing the dpi means that you will print a smaller or larger picture with the same set of pixels. the image may be set to 72dpi but the amount of pixels is still 6 million so you would get a huge picture at 72dpi. set it to 300 and you get a more reasonable (and printable) picture without loss of information. the dpi will not change the amount of information in the file it is just a parameter. btw i'll be up this weekend with waxed touring skis.
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