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  1. http://brunogodin.textdriven.com/snowmonkeys pictures I took last year. never got around to sifting and sorting so theres a quite a few bad/useless/repetitive shots in there
  2. whenever I get my next pair of skis (not anytime soon) it will be something 110+. the fat bros or the DPS lotus 120 (if i fall into money) would def. be on the short list.
  3. i got my sportshotz helmet cam last Friday. pretty nice setup. i'll be using my Archos media player to record the image.
  4. [rant] IMHO, it's not 'shoganai'. These are serious breaches of privacy, autonomy and civil rights. I won't travel to the U.S. under those kinds of restrictions and am reluctant even now (Canadians are still exempt from most of the new U.S. requirements). I was considering a vacation to Japan next year but will consider other options. I'll make sure to write a letter to the Japanese Tourism organizations to explain my choices. I've traveled to 3 communist countries in the last few years and yet even under those totalitarian regimes I was never fingerprinted. This behaviour is repu
  5. I fell off the triple chair at Mt. Saint-Anne (near Quebec City) when I was about 10 years old. They were running the lift really fast because of crowds and it picked up my brother before he was at the line. I ended on top of him and quickly slid to a point where I was hanging off my mom's leg. The lifty wasn't paying attention and even with people yelling he didn't stop the lift until we got past the first tower. I ended up taking a 25-30 ft fall into soft snow (luckily, it could easily have been ice). One of the lifties had run to a spot 5-6 ft off from where I landed (not sure if he thought
  6. no. buy the boot that fits!!! i settled on the Garmont Adrenalin after trying at least a dozen styles. all the brands will have fairly close models in terms of stiffness, weight and price. so once you know what type of boot you want, try all the offerings that you can. Ewok, AT binding brands: Fritschi Naxo Marker Duke Dynafit (needs compatible boot) Silvretta
  7. some friends went up yesterday and now the weather's turning to crap again. grrrr.
  8. this is the one I have: http://www.gpscity.ca/item-garmin-foretrex-101/ftrex101.htm light, wearable under or over my jacket, and takes AAA batteries so I don't have to worry about taking it on long trips.
  9. 63 000 sounds like a decent price (they tend to be listed for 66 000), there's not a lot of discount on AT boots unless they are old model years. The Endorphin looks sweet. The new Shaman looks like a waste. No walk mode, ridiculous price. May as well use alpine boots. Slow, my winter hasn't really started yet. We had some snow in October that was followed by bad weather. It's snowing now and for the next few days and I'm hoping next weekend will be the first outing. This weekend is for getting ahead on school work.
  10. but the chatbox is so volatile getting the bros mounted tomorrow. yippee. there's a chance i'll hit the snow on the weekend. 50/50 for now.
  11. just got the new bros today. just need to get these babies mounted. FT, did you get Dukes? what's your quiver gonna look like?
  12. the new ones are the Endorphin and yes they would be 8 man. Not sure if its worth the extra price over the Adrenalin, but I haven't tried them. i know they weigh a bit more and are stiffer. What model Lange are you in now?
  13. 8 man! ouch. i got mine for 65000, steep but worth it. the breakdown is more since your sure to need to replace the liners at least once in 8 yrs of use happy feet are key, and if you want to enjoy touring at all, trust me, any AT boot with vibram and walk mode will be a miles ahead of an alpine boot.
  14. Slow, the interchangeable sole is great. I have the Adrenalins and love 'em.
  15. nice, toque the weather here has taken a wrong turn, sunny for the next 4 days and today's freezing level was over 3000m
  16. on the downside, some people complain that the a twin tends to hook in variable snow and doesn't really provide an advantage.
  17. kokodoko, mostly to ski or land backwards. to a lesser extent it can make turning easier while having a tiny bit more float. an added bonus is rooster tails.
  18. def. double check with the actual boot and binding before buying a medium. personally, i like to have some room to play with since i have had boots ranging from 315mm-317mm in length depending on the brand. if there's a chance you might change boots and brands talk to the shop about ordering a large. as for performance, the med will be slightly lighter and i would think a little more stiff. i doubt you would actually notice either at all. on the other side it might be a little easier to manipulate the heel elevator with a little extra room, but essentially I don't see a big differ
  19. since i can't talk snow, i may as well talk gear i just pulled the trigger on a new touring ski for this year. i found a sweet deal and couldn't help myself. longer, stiffer, just as fat, and still lighter than my current setup. these things will kill it. (this is the actual pair, pmgear bro model 188 soft) they are factory rejects, the sidewalls are scuffed up at the tips and tails, but otherwise pristine. i'll have to sell the mo'ships once i get 'em since the size overlaps and i need to pay for 'em somehow.
  20. toque, sweet pics. nice single line and the caribou are awesome! there's a few possibilities, some guys I know wanted to hike blackcomb, there's were some nice turns to be had in the Duffy lake area, black tusk area (there's a few TRs of both on TGR forums). Baker is another option, they are getting lots of snow and should open fairly early. I don't have a car so I'm pretty dependent on what others want to do. Yesterday would've been good but no one was up for it and now freezing level is skyrocketing to 2500m so who knows.
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