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  1. Just had a 2 week trip down near Margarets, minus the board! My own fault though. But got some great shots. Will post some more a bit later, but check this one out. A beachie near Yallingup. All the big spots were cranking!
  2. They'll crack. Remember how much hope was pinned on Henman in the tennis for all those years, and nothing... Not to mention the Ashes, other than that anomaly a few years back
  3. 2 climbers that go up an unclimbed peak in the Andes (I think) and get into all sorts of trouble. The one guy ends up having to cut his mate off a rope as he is dangling over a cliff with a busted knee/leg, who then falls into a crevass, pretty deep. Cut a long story short they both survived. Awesome story.
  4. Great ceremony, but got a bit long in the end... The thing about the little girl, is that it was some high-up in the communist party that insisted at the last minute that she be replaced because she was too old. The other girl was in the rehearsals up o the last minute. That sucks.
  5. Anyone seen it? Already been talked about? I saw it on tv the other night. Amazing story. The guys look like they were pretty stupid to be doing what they were doing, but how the hell did the one guy survive?!
  6. Ah, the fireworks and festivals. I haven't been missing Japan so far, but hearing you talk about that makes me wish I could go to some CB I love them. Wandering around outside with a beer and the yatai food (kara-age and furai poteto! )... Gotta love it! Loved doing that with BPG, especially with her in her yukata
  7. Cheers mate I'll be glad once it's all done and I can friggin relax!
  8. Nah, they were on them. Those were just a few of the shots. I realized later I was taking shots of the waves rather than the surfers for the most part. It was breaking quite nicely actually.
  9. So you got an invite to CBs place then eh Mantas? How did he take your excuse about not being able to do the job?
  10. Hey fellas! Haven't been on here for a while. How's everyone going? I've had a few good small surfs back here in Perth, and BPG has been coming out with me and doing well to battle out through the waves. The other morning I was driving the coast with my camera (not realizing the surf was gonna be any good!) and I stopped at Trigg to get some shots. I wished I had my board! Anyway, here are a few pics.
  11. yeah, well we'll see how bpg goes. Either way I'm happy.
  12. nah mate, not cranky at all. Stoked to be getting her out in it. Was small, but a bit washy, so she had plenty of paddling practice
  13. about to head out with bpg for her first effort down here in Aus Gotta start small.
  14. I thought the same! Mate that is awesome news! Congrats!
  15. Well you are Markie's mate aren't you??
  16. I think you meant to type "he" there Thursday.
  17. Originally Posted By: Markie Come on, guys, give Thursday a break! He has clearly stated it's steep from his own point of view. You don't have to take turns pounding him till HE is flat!
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