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  1. Club med in sahoro might be a place to go just in case there is no snow - at least you'll have something else to do.
  2. IGN giving the US series a good review here: http://dvd.ign.com/articles/650/650839p1.html
  3. I just heard on the tv that more than 90% of Americans do not own a passport. Does that sound realistic?
  4. Saw Need For Speed Underground for PSP at the weekend - awesome it was.
  5. Yes, don't know if it were the same guy but the top Kokudo guy was absolutely crazy about skiing is what I heard - even building new resorts just for his "hobby". Wasn't Hakkai-san built in part to satisfy his mogul-needs and he coptered in from Tokyo for a day mogul riding??
  6. The interview was with one person. We know nothing of the others who may be snowboarding pros for all we know. Personally I would hope they were not. And he said "once" before he was doing what he was doing. I wonder if he is getting out there now? I can't see what the point of the comparisons with the Niseko situation is either. We seem to know little about that, and know even less of these Pine Ridge people, just an interview with the one guy thats all. I think the guy certainly sounds way different than Seibu and Kokudo way of thinking. I wish them luck gambatte!
  7. Enjoying the action. Not quite as popular as that soccer thread hey?
  8. Not working for me either. Funny thing, the internet.
  9. Adding a console panel with tons of buttons. In Thailand they're gettng the elephants to use the bogs too (see other thread)
  10. Thanks. Seems they're charging more for this overseas then.
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