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  1. The Special One? Take a bit of time off or perhaps do something with Portugal... and then take over from Sir Alex at United.
  2. Ole. One of the best. His name will never be forgotten at Old Trafford. Thank you.
  3. Just been reading the Guardian and found this, thought it was quite funny Quote: Supported by Possibly the most endearing bunch in world football. The Japanese will travel to Germany in vast numbers, make lots of noise and then tidy up after themselves. They are the Wombles of international fandom. http://football.guardian.co.uk/worldcup2006/story/0,,1787830,00.html
  4. Hasn't (Brazils) Ronaldo been quite big (in an "eaten way too many pies" way) for quite a while though?
  5. Good to see some new names in there, don't you think? Souza looks good rach. Chelski will probably come in and take him if they know United want him.
  6. Lets just hope a more exciting team than Greece in Euro 04 win the cup.
  7. Ultimately United do have a say I think. From f365 "Anyone who thinks that Sven will be able to gamble on taking a half-fit Wayne Rooney to Germany is sorely mistaken. The decision will be Manchester United's, and they simply will not let him go if there's any chance that he could aggravate his injury and leave them deprived of their best player. Four years ago David Beckham went to the World Cup when he wasn't close to being fully fit and I don't think United will allow that to happen again. They are the ones who have made a massive financial investment in Rooney and they will be t
  8. It sure will, that will be really hard to accept. They have to win today though, remember... as do United.
  9. As long as they don't catch us and we finish 2nd, soubriquet! I have been impressed with Wigan this year, especially back at the beginning. Mourinho has no grace, he is devoid of it. I heard he threw his medal into the crowd "because he already has one", and then he was moaning that he was not appreciated enough. Wtf?
  10. Don't know where it came from giggsy, but you see this? - 10th Apr 2006 By Nigel Smith Last autumn, few could have imagined that a faltering United team would find itself just seven points behind the Premiership leaders Chelsea with five games left to play. Then, United looked to be going nowhere. Indifferent performances against uncelebrated European opposition had led to early elimination from the lucrative Champions League. The team struggled to score goals and seemed over-reliant on the sublime gifts of Wayne Rooney. Worse, a woeful midfield display and comic
  11. Lets hope there's a lot of races like that. It is looking to be quite a promising season actually.
  12. I'm going to bring mine with me. Rental always seems so expensive, if you're going more than a few times you might as well buy them and own.
  13. You've got to try an authentic Christmas pudd, gamera. They're fantastic.
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