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  1. No Errors here! Really like the new site, big improvements pretty much everywhere. Well done chaps.
  2. BTW this is a really very interesting read: http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-general-information/introduction-to-japan-winter-sports
  3. Come on gnarly! You forfeit if no new pic in the next 24 hours! New rule!
  4. Haha. Looks brilliant. Very professional... but friendly. Will explore over the weekend. Bottom mountains back one is Yotei I think.
  5. Doing the rounds now North Korea says it has put missile units on stand-by to attack US targets in response to US stealth bomber flights over the Korean peninsula. State news agency KCNA said leader Kim Jong-un signed off on the order at a late-night meeting of top generals. The time had come to "settle accounts" with the US, KCNA quoted him as saying, with the B-2 flights an "ultimatum". Pyongyang has been angered by fresh UN sanctions and annual US-South Korea military drills.
  6. Interesting resorts dropping the electronic thing. Is that because of cost presumably? Presumably running costs themselves would be low but do they need to cough up annual chunks of dough to the company that installs the system or something?
  7. How much was the PS3 when it lauched? I seem to remember around 60000 yen.
  8. Wonder what shape she was when she was like a teen or something.
  9. I like an onsen, few beers, a good massage followed by some sexual intercourse.
  10. Really, no disrespect intended to any individual, and a general comment but... You shouldn't expect someone who is based in a place and has interests there - directly or otherwise - to do anything other than talk a place up. Some more than others. Intentionally or not, actually true things or not, unfortunately that's just what happens. It just does. Only in rare cases does it not. (Hakuba, Niseko, wherever)
  11. I saw Prometheus last night. Thought it was ok but ultimately disappointing. Beautifully filmed etc. da-de-dah.
  12. People who go to just one place - whether it's Niseko, Hakuba, Furano, Mt Granview or Sayama - are, by definition, missing out on a lot. It wouldn't be my way of doing things, but obviously some people like to base themselves in one place. Cool!
  13. You'd think with everything being triple booked, they wouldn't need to send those out, ne.
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