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  1. I'm lost with what Biggen is arguing here. Biggen, do you really think there are stations called: Shi Myokokogan Shi Yokohama Shi Odawara ? Because, there aren't.
  2. Error404

    Good movies you've seen recently

    That was a decent one, unlike "Jobs".
  3. Error404

    The YOUTUBE thread

    Very well made.
  4. Error404

    Ippy's Thailand

    Is that a bit of wee on the chair?
  5. Battery is definitely much better.
  6. Error404

    The YOUTUBE thread

    I prefer that to the NZ dudes who think they're well hard doing it.
  7. Error404


    How does radiation affect zombies?
  8. Error404

    New Iraq war!

    Too much singing of We Are The World would surely frustrate and anger people all the more!
  9. Error404

    Email etiquette

    I think that's an idea. My brother checks his mail about once a week. Ii naaaaa, I was thinking.
  10. Error404

    Important news of the day thread

    Regarding George Clooney, pie-eater. Not sure, hasn't been reported anywhere so maybe not.
  11. Do you need all those things?
  12. I thought that WAS pie-eater. Looks like a Wigan-er.
  13. Just looked that up on goggles. Nice! Would love to get to drive a super-duper car.
  14. Error404

    Cho-yummy things

    There's no way they normally look anything like what they do in the photos. Simply impossible. They must have gone back and added tons more.
  15. Error404

    The cost of owning a house

    I missed this. How big a space is a tsubo?
  16. Error404

    Good movies you've seen recently

    Proper sequel to Dumb & Dumber with both leads in is out, movie in November. Hmmm disappointing. Still would like to see it.
  17. Error404

    Beer 2014

  18. The woman was probably on a dinosaur connection and things may have improved, but I remember reading about a case where a photographer signed up for one of these and it took 9 months (NINE MONTHS!!!) for all her files to upload to the service the first time.
  19. Good luck! A new pc is always nice, but if you're like me installing stuff and everything involved in setting the thing up will take multiple days of faffing around.
  20. Error404

    Summer Flight Watch 2014

    I'm staying this year. No doubt lots of the time in an air conditioned room, a few trips to higher places aside. Time for a Christmas trip this year.
  21. Error404

    Japan and whaling

    I read somewhere that there's thousands of tonnes of whale stored up somewhere for the few people that still eat it to get through. Can't understand why the goverment would want to encourage people to eat it, with all the issues surrounding it. Though I suspect the reason comes down to $$ in a large part.
  22. Good for you! I still use mine though I'm not the addicted kind. Only got a small circle of real friends going on there.
  23. Error404

    Bands you just don't get

    Sigur Ros + Reality TV?!? Really!!?


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