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  1. Taro Aso, “one nation, one civilization, one language, one culture and one race. There is no other nation (that has such characteristics).” Not only does this do disservice to Japanese history and culture, it utter falacy. Comic books are called "Hate Korea: A Comic" and "Introduction to China" The Korea book has gone through five reprints and sold more than 320,000 copies since its release in September. The China book has sold 180,000 copies since its appearance in August. The comics build on a genre established by comic artist Yoshinori Kobayashi in the 1990s. His "Manifesto o
  2. Number 9 i agree with you regarding the text book demonstrations. these were certainly more about china's police force demonstrating its ability to control a large crowd then they were about anti japanese sentiments. but like i have said before, this is not the central issue of this disscusion. it is not worth debating the whether of not china and korea have a right to feel animosity towards japan, because the answer is simple. yes they do. just as japan has plenty of reason to feel animosity to its neighbours. but the debate is about the rising trend of japanese nationalism so please s
  3. is it not strange at all. especially if you have done DMT. in order to commune with a celestial being one must remove one's self from the physical existance that they currently ocupy. is it not just as strange to say that someone requires god(myth) in order to understand life (reality)?
  4. i certainly agree that there are ulterior motives with neighbouring nations. but i don't think that the apology thing is really the issue. i think it is the fact that the current administration (and many others. have you ever talked to people about the shrine visits? more often then not i get the, "they are dead so obsolved of their sins" response)would like to pretend that the war time crimes never occured. if you remember the issue last year with china was not the shrine visits but textbooks that washed over the whole event.
  5. every nation has its faults. i am the first to admit that. (and usually the first to jump on them) but that being said, i don't live in china, and i don't live in korea, and the issue isn't about those two countries, it is about a trend occurring in this country. i am only critical of this country because i love it. if i did not, i would simply shrug the stuff off as i counted down the days to my departure. but i don't shrug it off because i live here and plan to continue doing so. as for the extreme right, i never said that that characterized the sentiments of the national politic, i
  6. as for the media representation of said ideas, why do you think english media focuses on these things? they are not exceptable for a nation that claims to be amongst the elite of the developed world, and they are issues that must be addressed if the freedom and rights' of all people living here are to be ensured. why do you think that japanese media avoids said issues?
  7. If there was a rising trend in "extreme nationalism", shouldn't other neighbours be worried as well? It appears that the Koreas and China are the exception, not Japan. Perhaps that is because Korea and China both suffered brutal atrocities at the hands of the Japanese, and Japan has never really reconciled with its war time past? Can you imagine how the world would react if Germany took the same stance regarding its war time past? As for nobody else being concerned, the New York Times editorial from Monday February 13th addresses this very issue. And like I said, Amnesty International
  8. that's pretty cool. the teenager inside of me still wants to shoot cannons and throw sticks of dynamit though.
  9. given the recent anticts of Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Taro (Facist) Aso, and with the raising trend in extreme nationalism extending as high up as the prime minister himself, do you really have to ask why?
  10. Quote: Originally posted by kkk: It is very disturbing and there does seem to be a lot of these incidents recently. Are they doing that daver? [/quote unfortunately, these are the ones getting the most attention. even though they are in the minority. you might remember the case involving Juan Carlos Pizarro Yagi, a 30-year-old Peruvian of Japanese descent a little while ago. although there were several other cases of child violence at the time, this particular case was getting the most attention in the news. and not even the particulars about the murder, but the reports focus mored
  11. perhaps the worst movie i have every seen was a C rate kung fu movie, "To Live and Die In Hong Kong" IT SUCKED! i actually could't watch much more then 15minutes of it at a time.
  12. Blackalicious - The Craft My Morning Jacket - Z The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema M.I.A. - Arular John Legend - Gifted Ryan Adams - 29
  13. to be honest with you it is really disturbing. i suppose the thing that bothers me most about it though it the not to surprising lack of creative and investigative thinking into why such things are happening. these actions that have been re-occuring lately have been disturbing to say the least, but i just can't see how essentially putting radio collars on children to moniter their movements is going to put a stop to this. i just for once wish the media was willing to take an inward look on the current social conditions of the country and attempt to analyse the problem rather than pass it of
  14. Quote: Originally posted by SKI: daver it seems would be angry at the resort whatever - whatever you say the resort is most definitely wrong. if the resort is not taking the proper measures to ensure my safety and the safety of others then yes. yes the resort is wrong. are you aware of what "final sweep" is, or are you just trying to be a abrasive jackass?
  15. the smaller out of the way resorts are not too bad on the weekend. but if you are within a two hour drive of any major city centre you can be sure to wait at the base. certainly in the morning. it generally desperses once you get out onto the mountain.
  16. i would have been angry that patrol didn't do a final sweep of the mountain like they should every evening.
  17. kinda bored to be honest with you. tired of groomers. tired of spending most of the day on the lift. tired of ten turns of pow. tired of the crust/ice layer as a result of january's rain. sorry, don't mean to be a downer. maybe the season is different a little further south. up here it is no longer safe.
  18. i like your sense of sarcasm. well done. as for my impression about resorts of the developed world and their opperation philosophies, yes i do believe that japan is decades behind. specifically regarding avalanche control and safety, terrian management, and lift planning. i do not believe that japanese resorts have done a good job at adapting the progression of the sport and the advancements in technology and thus overall ability of the general public. simply putting up a fence and saying "no entry" is NOT a safe way of dealing with potentially lethal terrian when said terrian is pot
  19. you still don't get it. do you really want some one who does not know what they are doing making decisions that could cost you your life? even if it is within the boundaries of the law? my point is that as of yet there is no body in japan which maintains a standard to ensure that an opperation is avalanche safe. but as i have mentioned, it has been proposed in the diet recently after the many incidents this year. let's hope something good comes of this.
  20. Quote: Originally posted by mumbojumbo: Quote: You're missing the point there though MJ Who at the resort is qualified enough to make that decision No, I think you're missing the point. I don't know who is qualified to make that decision, but that doesn't matter. But if the resort is willing to take the responsibility to make the decision (and any consequences that arise from said decision), then it's totally up to them what they do. no MJ, YOU are missing the point. if the resort is not qualified to deem an alpine slidable area safe yet does, they are putting the lives of many p
  21. "Four “off-piste” zones encompassing 55 hectares located on the upper regions of the mountain. These areas are opened when there is both a sufficient amount of snow and it is determined to be safe to do so on the day." from the arai website. now, i suppose the issue that concerns me regarding when "it is determined to be safe" is, who is making this decision? given that there is no such thing as a national or even prefectural governing body that oversees and maintains a level of standard in terrian management in this country,(one has just been proposed this year in the diet in response t
  22. i've talked to a few of the guys in sendai as well and they seem much more enthusiaztic about the iwate area then in yamagata or miyagi. too far for me though. but always interested if given enough notice. there are some steller looking lines in the tazawa ko region of akita. i was hiking there last fall and became very interested. hut access, a bit of a trek up through the alpine to get to it though.
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