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  1. Just seen my mate on a TV show on NHK BS1......bit of a surprise as I didn't know he was going to be on.....but it was the Cool Japan one with a bunch of gaij talking about "cool" kids toys.....of course they were all suitably amazed by kendama......WOW!! I'm gonna give my mate some shit next time i see him:)
  2. Tubby Beaver

    Beer 2014

    And to think I thought you were a stand up guy!! Spent this afternoon supping pints of Yebisu Creamy top in Darwins pub in Sapporo....600¥ for a pint during happy hour makes it about the same price as back home
  3. Funny, I used to live in a housing scheme called Charleston and everyone always recommended living somewhere else!
  4. Actually so would I. If it was possible to compile a list of willing SJers before the live plug is pulled to allow their email address to be put on a list that is sent out once to those who have given their consent.....that'd be awesome to keep in touch.
  5. NOOOOOOOO!!! I'm devastated at the news, I shall have to fill my day with real stuff to do now!! Of course saddened at the news but in the number of years I've been posting here I fully appreciated all the help, info and giveaways you guys provided. Onwards and upwards guys, otsukare
  6. Tubby Beaver

    Morning Greetings!

    sunny today
  7. no, no of course not…..all suggestions are great of course…..I just thought it might be a bit far from anything else. its all good Michkin
  8. Tubby Beaver

    Beer 2014

    Faux champagne.....I like it. There's a pizza place in Sapporo that does a 1500¥ nomihodai that involves faux champagne......I like it a lot
  9. Tubby Beaver

    Good movies you've seen recently

    She must be getting on these days tho, no?
  10. 30 mins east?!! In Chiba? That's way out there....you'd be better staying down in Yokohama if you didn't want to stay in Tokyo but be nearby.....much more to do in Yokohama than Chiba.....unless you were wanting to be close to Narita of course
  11. looks fun! I've done some sand-boarding before
  12. Tubby Beaver

    Beer 2014

    Yeah they seemed to hook us with the big bottle, then when we clamored for more, reduced our dose…..for the same price
  13. isn't there a resort nearby? I was watching one of those TV shows where they restore old machines, based in Vegas and they were commissioned to go up to a resort nearby and make a display chair out of an old chairlift for them.
  14. Watching the White Silk Road.....the Aussie boarders in Afghanistan....pretty cool seeing the kids get their first view of snowboarding and the eagerness to try it. Pity the rest of the place is messed up cos it'd be an interesting place to ride
  15. The majority of Scots are proud to be frugal?!? Hmm.....I think you are insulting my ancestors You are aware of what a public forum is right?! It's a discussion of topics.....you said that the Metro, at 180 dollars, is a bargain.....I said that it depends on what your idea of a bargain is, because 180 dollars is not a bargain.......for me a hotel room that's 180 a night is pretty damn expensive.......how exactly is that trolling?!? History between me, you and Pies? i have no history with you.....you may perceive us to have some but that's a one way street.....I simply take part in discussions that are going on in the forums
  16. Tubby Beaver

    Morning Greetings!

    Snow was blowing through on my way into work......cycling wasn't fun.....seems it's off for now but its a lot colder than yesterday and we are forecast for snow in the afternoon
  17. I assume the word "whole" means a single amount and the word generations is plural which means more then one. Can you used those two word in the same context? I thought my English was bad but I am Australian. What is your excuse and you teach the subject. Perhaps you need censoring and apologise issued then dismiss from trying to teach English. $180 for 5 star accommodation in the middle of Tokyo to most people is a bargain. Compare to other Major Cities for 5 star accommodation you be looking at $450 plus. so now its 5* accommodation, perhaps your pretend aussie passport didn't inform you that to claim a bargain for 5* you have to actually say that its 5*…..regardless, this poorly spoken english teacher STILL wouldn't consider it a bargain since he would never stay in 5* accommodation in the first place……..so, not to harp on, but its as I said in my original post……….it depends on your idea of a bargain. Sheesh, John-san just read what's written on the screen. (for the record…."whole generations" means the entire populace of many generations. If I meant one generation, I'd say "A whole generation of")
  18. Oops! Too late for that john-san.....I'm afraid there are whole generations of kids from Yokohama to Sapporo who are running round skimping on their hotel choices.....perhaps they need to be is censed and apologise issue?!
  19. Peetan you had better watch out, you may start to get called "Pies" or "Tubby"
  20. How clever are you? Racist stereotypes! Nice one John-san. Dunno if u are aware of the pretend salaries that ALT's get in this country, but it's not enough to consider 180 shekels a night as being "a bargain". Perhaps being an all knowing Nagano-living, 100% Aussie who doesn't ever insult the ancestors of Adam Goodes and has lots of industry friends, pays better.....maybe I'll change jobs
  21. Tubby Beaver

    Good movies you've seen recently

    I like the new ones
  22. Well it depends on ur definition of a bargain.....180 shekels a night doesn't sound like much of a bargain to me


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