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  1. Hey Captain Stag....a good bit of banter here...I must say that most people who know the area (AND IT SEEMS THAT YOU DO) would say Cardies is the way forward for beginners but you must admit that all of this is relevant when offering OPINION only and there is no right or wrong answer either way you have to take into account personal experiences- your own and those of people you know...If you look at the things that make up the overall exp. of a first timer in the snow theres also things like lesson quality (of which a lot depends on your instructor and whether they are hungover or not etc etc
  2. Near my gaff in Wanaka NZ (great ski town by the way) theres an awesome maze and illusion centre. The guy that designed it is a ****ing genius. His house overlooks the labryinth and he@s rumoured to enjoy sipping a cup of tea whilst watching people struggling with his course like rats in some kind of warped experiment....read into that what you will... You can spend hours in there trying tricky (and trippy) ..plus they got those rad M.S Escher designs...all fun and games....Great for a family day out....The mini golf course takes the piss a bit though.....
  3. Ladies and Gents....tough one this...Thinking of going to Gala Sat. and Minakami Sun...can anyone tell me worth it or a waste of time/yennage etc...I reckon I@ll go with majority response..Anyone else from Saitama welcome...Have one seat...ta
  4. Dear all...seeing as the surfing thread got so many responses...how about windsurfing??...anyone into sailing in the summer season....If so where are the best places within reasonable access of Tokyo....any advice much appreciated....obrigado
  5. Anybody know anything about this sport?...I lifted a dirt cheap pair of Bauer (German so they must be good right?) rollerblades from a recycle shop...Only tried them a couple of times and am pretty crap but I@m thinking of getting into rollerhockey as a spring/summer sport....any dirt on teams / clubs (social) in Tokio would be appreciated...cher
  6. Nice topic....I would imagine Shaun Palmer still does pretty well. Apparantly He used to drive around in a Chevy with a a glass cover over the back so you could see all the money he had won in that season....
  7. Corduroy is sick on an alpine board....especially whhen you can ride the lift again and examine the trenches you left the run before...Sure the Groomer drivers love it too!
  8. What do people think of alpine snowboarders (ie in hard boots)....I got taken out once by a hardbooter in NZ...but that didn`nt stop me getting into it.....any other alpine enthusiasts dragging knuckles out there?...Ride on ....!
  9. Good to see some more foot fetish coniseuuers (spelling?) out there.....I go for DC Shoes all terrain....You can get em prety cheap if you knpw the spots in Tokyo.....I also enjoy the current leather boots.....sexy but must be hell impractical and uncomfortable.....Actually I@ve even seen these been worn on the slopes....and rumour has it there is even a Hostess Bar on the slopes at Shiga Kogen.....But thats another topic all together.....
  10. On the Visa issue.....My 3 year Visa for Japan will expire soon and I`m considering options....That one is on My NZ passport as I also hold a British one can I get another three year Visa on that one.....Any help would be great..Cher
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