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  1. Have you seen where Wigan are? I won't mention it as I don't want it in stone!
  2. Shinzo Abe, Shakey and you David? But seriously.... Many domo domo and thank yous up until now. Good luck with it all will be keeping track. Hopefully some of my dome projects will see a similar amount of renewed time injection.
  3. A nice sweet Asti or Tosti or whatever they're called over champagne any day.... I like the sweet stuff, can't take much of the dry. Dead posh, hey.
  4. Elysium In it, Jodie Foster had a strange accent and looked rather old.
  5. I'm on a sparkling white wine kind of boom at the moment.
  6. Rumour has it my gran has been called up for Man Utd defensive duties!
  7. Sounds like great value that Mr Wiggles. I do like a good hotel breakfast. Back home over summer, we had an all you can eat breakfast at a restaurant called Harvester in Warrington. It was amazing, and only 6 quid each. Truly quality stuff, and as much of it as you like. I hope it's still there next year. Would be great at double the price.
  8. Your nationality is only mildly interesting because you don't seem to have a grasp on either English or Japanese; and you have been the one bringing it up. For my part, I was only bringing up incorrect information*... not language ability. (* Oh yes, and plonker-ish-ness). Please do go over to the other thread though and explain the bit about the shinkansens and silly station names. Domo. Of course, if you find that you are wrong please don't forget to be is censed and apologise issue.
  9. Does the Bill and Scarlett bar in that hotel have the laid back lounge music going on like in the documentary film? I think I'm allergic to that kind of thing.
  10. What's that got to do with the subject being discussed? Sadly, I don't know the cost of 'akura'. Is it expensive? (Will they sell it at Shi Myokokogan Station?)
  11. Just trying to remember, at the stations aren't they referred to as 'Shinkansen'? Even John's 'other' main point is bollocks though isn't it.... it's 新幹線 with a 新. Nothing to do with 'city'. Deary me, how can someone be so sure of themselves when they are so utterly wrong.
  12. Thing is, the main point here is not about the direct translation of the word 新幹線.... which people generally don't do anyway here, people refer to it as 'Shinkansen' in English don't they. It's John-San calling stations what they ain't called. Well, that's my point anyway. And a jolly fine one it is too.
  13. I was going to give up, but the thought of you digging yourself further into a smelly hole is just too tempting, John... Let's recap. The kanji for Shinkansen is 新幹線. The kanji for Shin Yokohama Station is 新横浜駅. 市 does in fact mean city. 鼻 means nose. ウンコ means poo. バカ means stupid. But none have anything to do with the topic of conversation. There is no Shi Myokokogan Station. There is no Shi Yokohama Station. Ask JR if you don't believe me, they're the foo who own and operate the stations. They'll be able to let's confirming.
  14. I kind of wish he were much cleverer, it would make it a bit of a challenge.
  15. In the interest of correct information, rather than just ribbing Biggen / John-San for always talking complete bollocks and being a prize plonker: The Shinkansen station that is popping up in southern Niigata Prefecture is actually called 'Joetsu Myoko Station'. Obviously, there is no 'Shi Myokokogan'. Well, not in the real world anyway. The Shinkansen station in Yokohama is called 'Shin Yokohama Station'. The other one mentioned is called 'Shin Odawara Station'. 'Shin' (not 'Shi') being 新 ...the kanji for 'new'. OK, enough of that, back to being silly...
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