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  1. Who here checks where stuff is coming from? Do you avoid stuff made in Fukushima or close? I was just reading this article which is going on about levels of cesium 1.7 times the normal/recommended (or whatever 食品の基準値 means), coming from Niigata. First time for Niigata. 新潟県は30日、津南町で採れた山菜コシアブラから、放射性セシウムが国の定める食品の基準値(1キロあたり100ベクレル)を超える同171ベクレル検出されたと発表した。県内の山菜から基準値を超える放射性セシウムが検出されたのは初めて。  このコシアブラは、同町の直売所で販売されていたもので、県は津南町産コシアブラの出荷と食用の自粛要請を同町と関係機関に出した。 It's hard to know how worried we should be able this kind of thing. Or not?
  2. Whats that Tubby? Just like a liquid curry or something?
  3. Nozawa + Myoko Kogen + Madarao I'd put that as Nozawa + Ryuo + Shiga Kogen + Myoko Kogen + Madarao Makes for a really great area.
  4. Yes the amount of times I have heard "samui" when it's not at all cold and "atsui" when it's not at all hot..... don't put too much worth in those kinds of comments!
  5. This is poor February. This year. (And this was on a particularly "good" day!) This is average February. Not this year.
  6. Tabehodai yakiniku and beer tomorrow night. Can't wait!
  7. Until 6th April? http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/nagano/shinano/tangram-ski-circus
  8. They're a pain when they come down on a clear day. But good if you are stuck in blizzard conditions!
  9. But if you want to save that $350, or don't have it, they still get you there, right?
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