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  1. Sweet, the old flat claims coming out, here we go again... For those in the know, these clips and full length The Life movie is an epic roots look at life for those of us fortunate enough to call Hokkaido home for the past decade or so, love it! Nothing "cheesy marketing brochure" about it, but rather a golden portrayal of a life we knew before the 'boom' made its way to Niseko and now increasingly farther afield... Solid memories every time I put in on, props to johnnysamoa and the snakes lol!
  2. Originally Posted By: Journey Man Originally Posted By: JaySee Sorry Journey Man, but I think it's quiet hypocritical to agree to want to keep Moiwa quiet, but then go and blow the lid on the 'Kawa!? Whattup with that? There's nothing around the 'Kawa - don't bother going there... The Kawa needs a few more faces to be really good. Not too many mind you. I think it's pretty safe for the moment, it's too hard for the average I-want-everything-done-for-me package skier/boarder. The city council talk about wanting more snow tourists, but with money and snow drying up I can't see it gettin
  3. Originally Posted By: Journey Man Originally Posted By: snowhuntress I actually like the idea of a link from Annipuri to Moiwa. Hehehe, I think that is Blade's point, he likes Moiwa so wants it to stay quiet! Sorry Journey Man, but I think it's quiet hypocritical to agree to want to keep Moiwa quiet, but then go and blow the lid on the 'Kawa!? Whattup with that? There's nothing around the 'Kawa - don't bother going there...
  4. A Welcome Center that's organized; - Display with dep/arr info, bus numbers, destinations etc. - Designated parking for specific bus companies. - Singposted zones for accom companies to meet/greet/park during pickups & drop offs. Too often nobody knows whos there to meet & greet who... People walking around like lost sheep. - Knowledgable staff with half a clue. Also could do with a well-stocked supermarket/drug store, a post office, an atm, and a gas station - basic amenities. Is a medical center too much to wish for? Skatepark for summer? Too many tennis co
  5. But if you don't use Zardoz, you won't be flyyyyyin'. You shoulda' seen me!
  6. Originally Posted By: keba I'll back up JaySee - Kamui Ski links has some nice powder and trees, and the ski patrol has a relaxed attitude. Haha! That one's going way back...! Still here, but these days I'll be keeping my mouth shut on this one...
  7. I've been on the hill once before with a close buddy when he was verbally threatened by a very prominent non-Aussie SJ forum poster. Now THAT was lame, and totally uncalled for. Have to agree with Blade, one of the great reasons for living here is that it's far far away from the gong show aggression found elsewhere... Glad the mellow times are back. Not interested.
  8. I'm talking about the series from BK Entertainment; "For Those Of You Sittin' On Yer Couch Smokin' Ciggies" - a cult classic. "Good Times In A Bottle" - a box office blow out! and... "There's No 'I' In Booz" - coming soooon! With the Coach's permission, I'll give you the youtube link for "Just A Sip", the preview to this year's release... Man, I really gotta get some work done...
  9. The BK does it all man - booz is the priority, but we also like snowboarding, skiing, boozn, hockey, running, wrestling, boozn, Susukino, fightin, cycling, swimming, boozin, Buffet... what did I forget...? Should all that have been in the past tense? Feedback pls. You haven't seen the movies...?
  10. Just been watching from the sidelines, staying in hospital, doing time in jail - you name it! The team's undergone a few changes, relocations, benchings, suspensions, retirements, new signings, contractual issues - you know, just you're everyday kinda thing... That being said, FT and K'dake - just now sure anymore... The politics in this place are thick. Think we all jkust need to MELLO. That's what the Coach advised...
  11. K'dake is a sweet ride FT, but honestly, after seeing your pics (amazing btw), but then hearing your unimpressed stance on that pic off the back of the Niseko peak, I'm not so sure if you'd like it around K'dake so much... It's a good constant pitch, but as far as terrain features go, there really isn't a whole lot on offer- no chutes, cliffs (safe ones anyways) etc... It's basically just a long speed run which filters into some fun trees, and has amazing snow more often than not. I love it though, as does the BK, who've shared countless beers on it's summit.
  12. Forgot to mention too, K'dake won't reopen until March 1st. Lots of other sick riding around here though, even if the mountains are apparently too small eh FT? 1500m ~ 2000m is good enough for me when it's as sick as it is up here. Nice call on the other thread though man. Anyway, enough abuse on the other thread shw_me_da_powder , lose the attitude and you'll find people that the folks in-the-know, they guys you're asking for info from, might just be a whole lot more receptive. Be sure to swing by Chico's for more info...I'll see you there.
  13. Don't die! Those are serious mountains, and if you decide to head up higher, be prepared and make sure you know where you're going. Weather can come in quick up there. You'll like it though, even inbounds in fun. But when you're done, get back to Asahikawa and water down the day at Chico's Bar! http://chicos-amigos.blogspot.com
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