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  1. Dire Straits...British Artists...yeah right!!
  2. Oops I forgot to mention the part about the snow quality. If you get up there once it has softened up a bit its` alright or after some snow. Hardly anyone ever goes off there so the landing won`t be too chopped up.You just have to put in a few turns then traverse across onto the t-bar track. There is a part that sticks out a bit further than the rest of the track>just go off there. Sure you`ll work it out!!
  3. I reckon the best fun at Perisher is jumping off the Olympic T-bar track.You can get a sweet run into the hit(along the t-bar track) plus its` a nice drop and the landing is steep too.
  4. Word,man twins are the go. Shit fatty, you spend more time on the `net lookin` at skis than me!Nice linx though
  5. Shit,man thats alot of footage for that price I will get onto that!
  6. Yo Fatty, you gettin` a commission on every pair of LBFs you sell,man! I`m wanna get a pair of LINE-Pollards or Volkl V-Pros. As they say depend on wot and where u gunna ski.
  7. I love my babys` poundcake! whoelse VAN HALEN from err...POUNDCAKE
  8. Word. It`ll be interesting to see what kind of movie Helly Hansen put out as well eh!
  9. Yo Mogs, Been lookin` for that Oakley trailer but haven`t found it anywhere. They promise it on poorboyz, but not there eh. If the vid is as sic as the other shit they design will be MAD!!
  10. Yeah I sussed getting some of the new ones from poorboyz but the shipping is about half as much as the vid again!!U get though I suppose!!
  11. What ski/snowboard vid/s you gunna get to get pumped for the new season? Oakley made 1242 Poorboyz got Ready,Aim,Fire MSP has focused...
  12. Fatty has said it all.Yeah you should hook up w/us when we go up this season.
  13. Drew, I misplaced those tube fotos.Looked and can`t find em anywhere!
  14. Just find a scanner w/ a computer. Yeah got those vid files.Found myself shaking my head at that first fakie 180. Terrible!!
  15. Haven`t really had the craving here yet I`m sweating my ring out here at the mo. But when winter starts kickin` so will those Caramel cravings. Gotta get the foto I got of the 2nd race on here soon.
  16. Yo man, think snowboard freak is looking for the same type a thing
  17. Word man. Reckon snowbedz ain`t that good place to hang out.Just slept there and skiied the rest of the time. There are other cheap places to stay in Hakuba as the lads say. There is that onsen joint in Echoland where you can stay upstairs on the tatami mats for 1000yen a nite. You might even meet a nice chick who is sharing the same bit of floor as you!!
  18. Yeah, the WORST show on at the mo is that Australian Idol...utter shiiiitt!
  19. I know it's expensive at Perisher Blue for a ticket for the day $80! Never thought skiing would be cheaper in J-Land!!
  20. Oh yeah and forgot to say he is/was in a kick arse band!
  21. Sorry lads didn't see page two...play the play...emmm you know what I mean!
  22. Although the videoplayer said it was NTSC playback I couldn't play the play unfortunately.
  23. I'd be TOMMY LEE 'cause he's got gnarly tatts and a BIG cock!!
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