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  1. Speaking of big, shoulda seen the kicker at Dyna they built for the Eisher tour. MASSIVE bout twice my height and HUGE table b4 landing....SIC!!
  2. Candide got a shit-load when he switched from Dynastar to Salomon. Rumour had it that was the reason Salomon dropped Philou.
  3. Speaking of pipe skills mine are like Danes`. Wish my jumpin` skills were similiar to his though!
  4. I would have liked to see you attempt that rail in Hakuba on the weekend with that luck!
  5. Crichton wins US freeskiing superpipe! And fatty said he`s too inconsistent to win a comp!!
  6. No worries, danz. Will have to get myself sorted w/the vids. Don@t know about that gear yet. Will ask fatty
  7. U don`t wanna start on the happenings of those dayz now do ya?!
  8. You`re ready to go. You sleepin` in your car again. F@*k that!!
  9. They are promoting New school skiing in Japan via the Eischer Tour. Doing seshs at some major resorts with top Japanese pros. Shoya Okazaki, Motoki Shimomura, Toru Tachibana etc
  10. Nice article,dude. Hopefully you`ll get up there sum time this year. I hope when you smashed your ribs didn`t put you off dat kicker.
  11. Ops, thats` right. That`ll teach me for tryin` to be a smart arse!!Yeah man, we`re goin up to Gifu this weekend, Damon and co are comin` as well. Are you gonna drop your standards and hang wit da Gifu posse?
  12. That chute That I stacked in was super DEEP!! But Dyna has that smooth as buta 10 metre step-down crankin` and hopefully the Superpipe soon.
  13. It all looks good at Tsugaike now...but wot you gonna do there in spring?? No park....no pipe???
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