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  1. The original 1080s were yellow then to blue.Last year the 181 1080s were yellow and this year turning to blue.I see a pattern emerging!!
  2. Where:at my place When:the other day This chick I was talking to turned around and gave me the cold shoulder>now that was COLD!!
  3. I only was looking at the skis but can find out about LINE bindings for you fatty.I heard they break really easily. Just some more specs... Seth Pistol 128/95/118 1080 114/80/108 Public Enemy112/80/103 Rockets 122/90/115 LBF 117/89/110 Volkl V Pro 113/83/105
  4. Yesterday, got to look at some of the specs,pics,expected prices and reviews(of some skis) for the 03/04 twin tips. Here`s what I found... The big news is that LINE has come out with another pro model to go along side the Skogen Sprang, Mike Nick models. Its` the Eric Pollard pro the specs are 118/86/111 and its` a 186cm ski. Looking at these specs it`s very similiar to the Dynastar LBF. LINE has also produced two new models the 7.5 and the 7.5x (I think) The LINE Motherships summary was that is an all-mountain ski with the specs 127/97/117 that is one FAT ski. The new 1080s specs wi
  5. Yeah,I`ll have a look for them at the ski show in a couple of weeks. The Volkl Vs look like the goods>with nice graphics to boot!!
  6. Love the white jeans but I reckon they should make a size limit in those, and not make white jeans over that size....let`s face it FAT chix look s#*t in `em.
  7. Yeah,Dane has footage of one indoor joint on his webpage.In Kansai I suppose. Water jumps, the one Fatty and I go to is in Mie.Good fun but hammers you body.
  8. Yeah, Fatty and my J-buddy had a pair of those bi mountain Volkls(I`m pretty sure) at the beginning of last season but sold them `cause he just wasn`t heavy enough to turn`em
  9. I wanna go the rock star size in the Pistols or Rockets and see how they perform.Think its` time to step things up after riding 177s for the last two seasons.
  10. I don`t have a car so I rely on friends or bus tours from Nags.But having a car is the best idea.
  11. Yeah, the Gifu skifields are the most underrated in Japan.Last season Dynaland possessed the biggest and safest kicker I`ve launched off.They have the only Superpipe I`ve seen/ridden in Japan.They also have some nice POW runs too when the conditions are right.You should have a sic time there. PS The traffic jams if you live in the south of the prefecture on weekends are MURDER!!
  12. Those dress/skirt over jeans look still persists.Who thought of that fashion should be shot!
  13. Don`t rate her at all.Heard her speaking about hardships of "coloured" Americans compared to the whiteys.Its` all too tired that argument.Saw her in X-Men 2 on the weekend.Yeah that white hair looks good w/the tanned face!!
  14. I`ve only seen MSP productions>Sick Sense,SM2 and 3.But from reading reviews poor boys productions etc only have new school footage and not much big mountain stuff. I think its` good to see both.But they can bar the snowmobiling>does nothing for me. Reckon Seths part in SM2 is better than in 3
  15. Thanks for that,Jared.Yeah I`d like to get my hands on a camera too instead of using Fats all the time. So you think those Pistols are solid on the gelande as well as for POW. I was thinking about them or Rockets for next year.
  16. Yeah,that run of Candides` in SM3 is very solid.It encompasses verts yet xtremely stylie!!
  17. Got sequences of Boyd Easley and Chris Turpin doing switch rodeos in the pipe.That`d score highly for difficulty but hard to do with style I suppose.
  18. Yeah, I don`t know.Think in a halfpipe comp there are a variety of things they consider when scoring.The type of trick(invert etc),amplitude etc.And some categories count for more than others
  19. Whats` the story with it?Only happens once every few years apparently.U been O11?
  20. Taking back Sunday.Anyone purchased Swollen Members` latest?
  21. I know about Ts and beginners after being a liftie at Perisher Blue.So many beginner boarders can`t ride `em. I thought this CAN`T be that hard. So borrowed my buddys` board w/my Sorels and headed to the hill and was surprised at how undifficult riding a T is.
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