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  1. me again. We are talking about a tiny percentage of the people- Aussie dollars , especially those splashed out at bars and restaurants, are pretty vital to the health of this town, and most of the time I just walk around scoping chicks or keeping facebook warm back at the office. Most of Paul and my work involves lost items, calling taxis, and showing people places on the map. I don`t blame the guys much either- if i was their age, with access to that much piss, and 1 girls for every 20 dudes in the bar, i`d probably be lockstep. But saying that, most situations can be han
  2. literally wrote that, walked out the door, and had three Aussie dudes chucking snowballs at cars and pushing them as they left seicomart. told them time to settle down and got a finger in the face and " get f@cked you ****" within the first ten seconds of talking with them. We got some awesome, classy folks visiting town this week, I tell ya.
  3. Wow. The article is fairly accurate -though probably a bit too revealing- Paul and I got to shooting the shit with the guy as we sat at work having just dealt with some dickheads stealing boards so were in a fairly agitated mood. Sadly , all that is talked about in the first part of that article happened a-day 2010. I saw a guy bleed as much as I had ever seen in my life , and then two hours later, I saw a guy bleed more. Tonight so far I have had to deal with 1) drunk guy caning himself between Splash and Barumba because he couldnt stand up 2) drunk guy jumping on the Niseko real
  4. Dunno if you`ve booked already or planning to, but this competition is like free money. not so many entrants = big chances to win!
  5. to update- snowpack is still quite high here , even in the village. No major searches until the full thaw- at this rate- I`d say beginning of May. I am no longer at the Safety Centre, but will update as I can- I still live next door to the police dorm and see them all quite regularly, so will ask.
  6. I think a Homeowners Association would be a boon to this town- give the overseas folk a bit of a voice. Standardize things a bit too.  Anyone good at web design?
  7. there has been nothing yet, I`m afraid. The snow had melted considerably- below the night he got lost for sure- but still nothing. It has sinced snowed again but will probably warm up next week- when the snow cover has receded enough a full scale search will take place covering a much wider area. there was rumour floating around that he had been found behind Niseko Pizza but it was untrue.
  8. we have been asked to compile ways to make Niseko ( from a tourism/government standpoint) and the information centre better. Please give me every and all recommendations and I will include them with our reports- don`t be afraid to repeat points ( ie ATM) that other have mentioned as I think the more voices the better. Cheers D
  9. Didn`t I tell you that? : ) anyways, I spent the day sitting on the craaaaawling quad at the poo ,so you got one up on me .
  10. agreed MikePow- but for me- its the one place that haunts my thoughts ever since ive been there. I guess my take on this very subjective question is that I am looking at it from the " best sex you`ve ever had " type of frame work. We have all had good relationships, and partners that were consistenly good in bed and fun, etc. - but Sounkyo is that crazy, fickle bitch that made me see God and opened my eyes to both myself and what is out there. I lust for Sounkyo. I dont lust for Kamui.
  11. What many of you are describing is what I already do. All the bars have my number and if there are problems they call. I also try and do the other stuff MikePow detailed as much as possible- january was underager central at some of the Japanese run bars ( where they have no idea what a 15 year old Aussie looks like). It would be cost prohibitive for most bars to have doorstaff so this way we cover the bases. I was the defacto town bouncer last season, this season i got paid to do it and could come from a position of semi-authority- meaning more negotiations, less fighting for me. That most of
  12. well hirafu spends 100,000 yen a night to light their field - thats the cost of lights only-hirafu only- so I am guessing its a massive money drain. Some nights like tonight it is busy ( with almost all riders being season pass holders I would imagine) whereas others it is virtually empty. One of the positive blips in Japan`s " don`t think, just do" social collectivism. It`s no one`s specific job to ask whether the nighter is worthwile for business, therefore no one asks. so shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
  13. And thats what we are trying to avoid- though after a meeting today with my bosses and some of the J-powers that be around here, I dont have much hope to any forward progress on how things will operate here in the near future. The tourism board here has been slashed to the bone as of this spring, and those that remain are solidly in the " 3-5 years to retirement-If I can`t photocopy it on the way to the smoke break room- it ain`t happening" school of thought. As for the Neanderthal bouncers thing, you obviously haven`t seen my mug in person- sadly I am about as Cro-Magnon as they come-
  14. uhh... before you get dream job thoughts running through your head- I work for the JAPANESE government - which means... 6 days a week 9 hours a day shifts that usually end around 2 am meetings and appointments during non working hours which I am required to attend. 80 and even 100 hour weeks during the busy Xmas and CNY seasons. Daily dealing with Japanese pension and business owners who view me as the sounding board to all their grievances with the gaijin Foriegners who see me as the face of "the man" and call me at all hours with whatever issues at hand. perhaps th
  15. Was alerted to this thread by someone and resurected my old Snowjapan membership to jump in with my two cents. I work in Hirafu in the Safety centre next to the Seicomart and basically I am the police liasion officer for this season ( and presumably the next few). I think having us around this year made a general detterent to many of the problems that occured in seasons past and I think as everyone gets used to the idea we can do an even better job. From next season , all of the police assigned to this box will have English abilities ( they scoured all of Hokkaido and have come up with 5)
  16. Give your predictions here- more sweeping up of j resorts like Niseko by oversees investors. massive closing of unused resorts? Whole towns dying? 40 ski resorts are on the block- whats gonna happen?
  17. Boxing is all about hand speed and being able to create force upon impact and anyone who follows boxing knows that Chad was jaw droppingly slow in his delivery and sloppy in his location- add to it the fact that in K1 you are supposed to kick as well and he is a very lucky man that the sport is such a sham these days - Yueech!
  18. Man- to all my Niseko buddies, Pacific rim job, Gray, Jamie, Pa and all the rest up there man I fell for you guys this year! Whats up with the freaking snow? Sorry one and all, hope it pecks up soon-Diggler of the Nihon kai
  19. my cousin was a fairly successful actor with lots of money in the bank and a new apartment in T.O. when he went out west for a part- found H and ended up six years later broke and shooting up in his feet and eyes as the rest of his veins were junk... scary scary shit... I did it a couple of times later and can say it is a really nice high ..like really good e but with that coke edge of I am the coolest...luckily I had snowboarding to help keep it all in check...Living in Whistler you can go one way or the other- party and ride or ride and party...I chose life but some of my bros were not so l
  20. I dont qoute fubar- I live it... Give`r has been a motto of mine for a while... check www.drailed.com for Jevon Upton ... the patron saint of Give`r
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