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  1. Quote: jurong bird park. very cool place... i liked it, but i dont mind birds i didnt get shat on so it was even better. i do remember having my photo taken with my sister and they tell u to put ur arms out and they put birds all over you that was SOO scary! these parrots were huge! crazy!
  2. yeah i reckon the competition is a great idea it gets everyone involed with designing and if not designing voting!
  3. Hats.... ...ya gotta just let the top grow till it reaches the back bottom hair and then cut it straight but in the months mean time wear a cap LOTS!
  4. This is the one drew was talking about... Heres some more! soo funny! heres the website for all of those posters
  5. Yeah im keen on the idea! sounds great! i reckon the sticker idea is good, its cheap tees cost too much. If it started i'd give the design a bash! Sweet Ass
  6. you could collect all ur one yen coins glue them together and make a 1 yen coin pen thats easy to told! i think thats a challenge for you db!
  7. theres an interview with wacko jacko tomorrow night its called "Michael Jackson take 2 what they wouldnt show you" i mean come on its the 4th interview in the last 2mths! get over him!! as for tyson that is a very cool tat i wouldnt choose to have one my self but it looks good! only thing is it looks maouri (native NZ) style and hes just an american isnt he?
  8. Whats the story with that? the guy he was fighting got paid to get knocked out. while he was on the floor "out of it" he took his mouth guard out? Whats the go?
  9. www.ratemymullet.com Hhahha... have a go at some of those... yes david spades mullet in joe dirt was a KILLA mullets are very very very very very 80's and very a very westie look.
  10. mmm... the zoos in Australia are pretty good, no small cages all in big sections of the park all the animals have had their homes made up off their natural habitats so its good here. When i was in Singapore we went to this massive bird park it was Awsome! i dont know what it was called but i dont remmeber the birds being in cages at all! (mmm... i was only 9 - im sure they would have been or they would have flown away!) Y arent animal rights big in asian countrys? in australia there are mega fines if your caught abusing an animal (in any way, lack of food, not giving them enough spa
  11. thats soccer, were getting set for the footy season down under... (Rugby League!) GO THE EAGS!
  12. Ah fitness, im not to bad, i play catcher at softball and i train for 3 hours as well as the game so i dont have much a problem with fitness... but i do get tired pretty quick, im a Vego too... Ocean isnt it funny that yes chicken and fish are classified as veggies too! "im a vego" ah right "so fish for dinner then?" wooersme...
  13. I dont know that i could say much more than it was ODD. good but ODD...??? i think i too need to see it again!
  14. Hey all, Im always on the search for good download sites, i know i have been to 1000's i never bookmark them an always try to remember them so Throw some at me net-heads!! I use Limewire a lot, but what are good desktop download places, and sounds and photoshop filters and all those tad bits...etc. any ideas? Caio dude!
  15. in Niseko drew and i had very big chuckles about the signs...! The "Lope Towe" other wise known as a Rope tow and the "Adbanced Runs" other wise known as the Advanced run, and the hardest word out of all of those to spell - intermediate was always spelt correctly! the other one was the "Biginers Course" also spelt "Biggnirs" on some signs...! soo funny! it made us laugh so if its for comical value its awsome. i love the "Lope Towe!" heahhahe..
  16. mmm.... fruit... i must say that mangos are my fave!! yummy, in fact i just had mango and icecream... watermelon shakes (from thailand) are to die for they are the best... i used to love picking mulberries from the tree at the back of my house with my dad on a sunday arvo and then making a mulberry pie out of them for dessert after a roast! YUM!! but the tree isnt producing as much any more... i also destroyed lots of clothes with the stain of them...! and you would have purple fingers for days! but it was fun!
  17. mmm.... i had never tryed sushi i thought i'll leave it till japan im sure i'll like it over there its the best in the world.... but im sorry to say that i was one of the worst things i have ever tasted... sorry kids... its not my cup of tea... then to wash it down i accidently bought cold green tea thinking it looked like apple juice... that was the shock of a life time! Crazy! My friend loves sushi she lives on the tuna, cucumber and mayo ones... maybe try that one??
  18. "Australia wins 3 to 1 FREE VICTORY POSTER INSIDE" that was our leading paper today!
  19. people people....! if you all miss sooo very much then y dont you head home??
  20. hahhaha.... after the hot or not thing i decided to dedicate a whole topic to "RATE MY..." whos found the best one... i reckon this one is up there... www.ratemycameltoe.com SOOO FUNNY! can you believe it!
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